Mercedes-Benz will showcase Intelligent Park Pilot Technology in Los Angeles, demonstrating EQS to be an autonomous clerk

At a live demonstration at the InterContinental Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch gave a glimpse into the future of EVs driving them. Using Mercedes EQS’s Intelligent Park Pilot feature, the two companies will allow drivers to pull up, get out of the car and use the app to activate automatic attendants.

Mercedes-Benz is a German legacy car manufacturer recognized as one of the world leaders in luxury cars. Despite decades of ICE vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Group AG is making recent efforts to adapt its production strategy to electrification, aiming to be “all-electric.” “By 2030.

This strategy includes several new programs from R & D to physical production to expand global EV adoption to customers who prefer to drive the Star Emblem. The Electric Mercedes is part of the vehicle’s EQ line that started with the EQS sedan.

In the United States this year, Mercedes-Benz will bring the EQB SUV and a second EV sedan called the EQE to market. In addition, Mercedes is teasing the production of the SUV version of EQS in the United States.

As part of a media event in Los Angeles, Mercedes introduced EQS to perform some interesting new operations with the help of partner Bosch. The two companies have worked together to design and implement an automated valet parking system with the Mercedes EQS (and future vehicles). You can park yourself.

Automatic clerk by Mercedes Intelligent Park Pilot

At a demonstration in front of the media in downtown Los Angeles, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch had a glimpse into the future of parking, especially in a busy environment like a hotel.

With the Mercedes Me app, drivers park and park their cars at their own automatic bullet spot. At this point, you may have booked a parking spot in your hotel garage to secure a place for EQS to park.

Then activate the app’s features, launch the EV, and make sure everything is operational and secure before starting communication with Bosch’s automatic bullet infrastructure. When the system receives all the green lights from the checklist, start the motor remotely, and more.

The temporary installation of InterContinental’s lidar infrastructure developed by Bosch helped to safely guide the unmanned EQS from the arrival lane to the designed charging spot. Dr. Philipp Skogstad, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, said:

Our vision is that regaining time is a key element of the luxury experience our customers are looking for. EQS can regain time by driving itself in highway traffic, but it can also be parked with the Intelligent Park Pilot. .INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT is a feature that enables automated valet service, along with the necessary infrastructure, to further provide our customers with the comfort and security of their daily lives.

The Mercedes EQS already has the necessary infrastructure equipment, as well as on-board technology for navigating Bosch’s automated valley system. This allows access to high-rise facilities such as parking garages. In this temporary demonstration, the partner used a portable lidar sensor. Ground.

However, permanent installations of the Barrett infrastructure utilize stereo sensors mounted on the ceiling above the vehicle as “bird’s eyes” that do not get in the way of cars and pedestrians. Bosch automatic bullet system is Germany.

Both companies see this technology as a natural step towards fully autonomous driving, saving drivers time by reducing the burden of parking search and charging. The Mercedes-Benz and Bosch teams don’t even have to stop in the parking lot. We have already begun investigating further implementations of autonomous low-speed operation, such as automatic charging, car washing, payment booths in the garage, and even automatic movement on the assembly line of the completed vehicle.

Bosch also believes that this technology is particularly beneficial for commercial EVs and car rentals, where you can have your rental EV handy and then park it when you drive and return your car. According to both companies, this technology is ready. , This is considered a Level 4 automation system and is awaiting regulatory approval in Europe.

In the United States, companies are waiting a bit more for the people they need to properly implement their buildings and infrastructure. Check it out for yourself in the demo video below.

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