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Man in olive green t-shirt

Initially, it was a basic olive green T-shirt. I used to wear military uniforms and pull from the bottom of my wardrobe during workouts and weekends. Sometimes it was browner than green, and sometimes it had a cross. Above the heart is the coat of arms in the center.

But over the past four weeks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stripped off his ex-Navy suit, white shirt and tie (politician’s uniform) into a T-shirt and in a daily video to his country it. I’m wearing aHis speeches to the European Parliament, the British Parliament, and the US Parliament; in an interview with CNN on the weekend (and his widely tweeted) Zoom call (With supporters Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis) it has become something more: a symbol of the strength and patriotism of the Ukrainian people, many values ​​and purposes packed into an outline that everyone knows.

Along with pictures of dead bodies lying dead on the streets and bombing of theaters and apartment buildings, it becomes one of the clear images of the conflict. This is a metaphor for the growing story of Goliath in Russia and David in Ukraine. Of arrogance and heroism played in blood and arms.

The T-shirt is reminiscent of Zelensky’s regular origins, connections with civilian soldiers fighting on the streets, and signs of sharing hardships. His formal attire, as Churchill did when he visited the location of Coventry, which was bombed with a black homeberg, overcoat, and bow tie in World War II. T-shirt — A clear statement of solidarity with his people, as well as his rhetoric.

Indeed, when he spoke to Congress and economists Peter Schiff tweeted After that, “I understand that the times are tough, but the president # Ukraine It was Mr. Schiff who missed the point, wearing a T-shirt that suggested that Zelensky had looked down on American lawmakers.

The T-shirt was not a sign of contempt for the people Zelensky was addressing. It was a sign of respect and loyalty to the people he represented. By wearing uniforms, not the uniforms of the people in the room (which was the insignia of the Ukrainian army), he made surreal things a reality, as the video of the bomb he later poured into the city showed.

Former actor Zelensky has a clear understanding of how clothes speak to the character, and even though it can be used as a form of promotion, it does not undermine his position or role in the history of the moment. There is none.

After all, dresses like music, movies and literature have long been used to convey political messages and shake opinions. It happened in the 1950s (and later) when the CIA secretly distributed “Doctor Zibago” to destabilize the Soviet Union.Cold War secretly using rock and roll It was illustrated by Mao’s suit, adopted by Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party, where Fidel Castro preferred army green military shirts and caps as uniforms. Both choices are leaders and their masses. George W. Bush also landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier in a full military monotonous flight suit to declare victory in the Iraq War.

And most people can see T-shirts, whether or not Congress approves them. Dresses are one way to connect with people to make them more friendly in unimaginable situations. Photo: “Woman in a white shirt” standing on a car during a protest in Sudan in 2019, “Man in a white shirt” standing in front of a tank that rolled into Tiannanmen Square in 1989. , “Women were sprayed by Turkish soldiers during an anti-government demonstration in Istanbul in 2013. More than individual heroism examples (as they are), they are possible heroism for all individuals. It becomes an example of.

The power of photography lies in the way they capture the ordinary person they see, the dressed person in the closet of almost everyone, regardless of country or situation. Irregular situation. It allows everyone to see themselves.

Zelensky put these two traditions together in a plain white-walled office next to the Ukrainian flag, wearing an easy-to-understand T-shirt. He is both a man in an olive green T-shirt. When The father of the people.

And in his outfit, like his actions and his words, Mr. Zelensky opposed the man on the other side: Russia’s Vladimir Putin, famous for his elaborate golden palace and his love for luxury. Putin’s label; his Cartier sunglasses and Patek Philippe watches.

Putin even addressed the crowd at a rally in Moscow on March 18, celebrating Russia’s annexation of Crimea and “universal values.” Loro Piana blowfish It costs over $ 10,000 ( petition started to demand that LVMH-owned Italian brands blame their apparent customers), kitten cashmere roll neck sweaters, Wealth brand badge and removal. An example of how Chechen influential Ramzan Kadyrov influenced similar choices among his acolytes by noticing that GQ was Prada’s combat boots.

It is a dialectical warrant of the power of cloth; Elitists vs. Everyman; treatises and antitheses. Marx of all people will understand.

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