Let’s make “Is It Cake” more chaotic

too little Is it a cake? It’s been spent chopping things up with a knife, and the tuned version should start by addressing that issue.
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Netflix never lie to the sleeping dogs of the popular internet meme, Netflix Is it a cake?..It’s an attempt to take advantage of cake trends Trompe-l’oeil, This has been around for years, but it’s a video that people cut into something that doesn’t look like a cake, and it’s really getting a lot of attention on social media. What do you guess? They turned out to be cakes.

It’s a difficult idea to transform into a reality show — not so many there It’s a bit surprising that this show exists, except that it’s always a cake, but it’s here!And the Netflix show … well, it’s going for it because it exists, it’s hosted by SNLMikey Day has the difficult task of finding different ways to say, “You’ll never believe this, but it’s a cake!” There is a jury that has to guess the object that is actually the cake. Contestants are professional bakeries who return in each episode.

For fairness, some choices on how to turn this meme into a show were pretty decent, but still hard to see or think about, I don’t care about this. I came for just one thing: to see people cut into something that doesn’t look like a cake and reveal its inner secrets.

so much Is it a cake? I didn’t have to do this. This show already exists and no one gets this advice, but I still want to make suggestions on what. Is it a cake? The first step is to get a set, a group of the general public, a blindfold and a knife.

The rough idea is this: enthusiastic Is it a cake? Athletes, ideally cast using the same general criteria as shows such as: wipe out Also Supermarket sweep, Blindfold and guide you to a room you’ve never seen before. This is a pre-prepared set that resembles different spaces. Here, the production can be really creative. It may be a small space. Sheraton-sponsored hotel room Maybe it’s an outdoor scene with trees and small water features and a tent set up for a family camping trip Maybe it’s a suburban Old Navy, or a bank lobby, Or maybe this is an ABC reality show, Bachelor apartment! The opportunities here are truly endless.

So this excited athlete is blindfolded and led into space. The light is off. it is quiet. It’s just like a normal, non-stimulating art gallery, plane, or library. But somewhere in this setting, one of these objects is … a cake. The light will come on. Audiences in a nearby studio begin to cheer. The huge countdown clock will start blinking. The clock has 90 seconds. The organizer handed the player a knife (which may be a sword) and said, “Find it! cake!“” Chaos reigns.

There are several ways to adjust this rough assumption, but it depends on the network you buy this show from and which viewers you want to attract. One option is for the players in the room to leave the blindfold and turn it into a partner game. Depending on the situation of the opponent, you will be instructed to cut random shit nearby, and looking at the scene from a distance seems to be the most suspicious. It could be a game where you earn points with some cakes hidden throughout the set. Points will be deducted. Everything that contestants do not slice into cakes. There may be a bet part. There, each contestant must be guided through the scene once and then, for example, assign monetary value to how certain the REI kayak is. It’s actually a cake yak. It can also be set in relay style. In this case, team participants run meanly on a set of target sizes and yell at each other from different aisles about what they think is worth slicing into bite-sized pieces. part.

Basically, Netflix’s decision is Is it a cake? The result is a reality show that spends too little time cutting things down. The tuned version should start by addressing that issue.

Sure, this isn’t particularly practical. Primarily, there are risks associated with desperately trying to cut something that is not intended to be cut. And yes, there may be some obstacles that need to be overcome from a production perspective. For one, there is the structure of all these elaborate sets. You also need to continuously produce large quantities of very compelling cakes that look like pillows, lamps, cash register, and Old Navy mannequins. Here are the Netflix series choices. Making a bakery a contestant may help: Project Runway Bakers who most often create objects that no one identifies as models, cakes, can win their prizes.

Is anyone likely to start development? another Do you want to show things based on whether they are cakes? No. But above all Is it a cake? Is a valuable lesson to stop actually sitting on the choices we have made in life. Stop and think about creating plots, stakes, and even unsurprising reality shows based on internet memes. this is Is it a cake? Do I really want to see in the world? If not, why? What can we do to make this idea better? Your answer is likely to be “more knives”.

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