“Killing Eve” Season 4, Episode 4 Summary

Killing Eve

It’s anguish and I’m greedy

Season 4

Episode 3

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Eve and Helene, Villanelle and Carolyn, Pam and Constantine. This was an increasingly confusing new pairing week. It can’t be compared to Eve and Villanelle’s first Pas de deux’s first plot, but it’s exhilarating to see a worn-out character bounce off. Stay away from your new screen partner. It’s been a minute since Villanelle was forced to negotiate new dynamics with real competitors. Helene continued to test the limits of Eve’s bravery and found that there were no limits. And constantin! What can you say about Constantin? When he isn’t there, I miss the man’s hingeless laughter.

Episode 4 was picked up shortly after Episode 3, and Villanel became vaguely cold in his cell. Eve accepts Elene’s invitation to meet at the West End eating pudding from Elene’s glass pot in a deserted theater owned by Elene. Inheritance is filthy. That’s interesting. She doesn’t do what she does for money, so why does she do it? And why does she want to beat her employer? It’s hard to say that Eve is an equal match. For Elene, she has a bad habit of playing all the cards in advance. Tonight means to immediately mention Fernanda and her missing her husband, Larsmeyer. Elaine is surprised, but she isn’t upset. She also has a secret on Eve. Race at the time of Villanelle’s arrest: The first race to find Lars won.

Elene has many years of experience, but Eve has a man with very special skills. Yusuf can troll Fernanda’s social media to get a glimpse of Lars. It is printed on novelty T-shirts. He searched the internet using facial recognition software and finally found a picture of Lars taken in Germany in the 70’s. It is worth wondering why Yusuf is always so useful. Is that really the case?He’s just You look amazing To Eve when she gives him little in return?

Eve and Yusuf trace their photos back to the gay parry antique shop. It’s a coincidence. Elaine knows that Eve is on the continent before she leaves the store with her second Cold War photo of Lars in her pocket. Elene asks Eve for her. She makes a special mention of the fact that she spends the night with her grandma. Probably another head game, it poses a sex promise and / or a threat of violence to her invitation.

Eve, even Yusuf, may have neglected to tell her that she shares the night with known torture. From time to time, Eve and Helene are almost like 12 shared hunting partners. Helene will be absent from taking a bubble bath as soon as Eve arrives. Her companion space snoops and, to some extent, sets the conditions for what will happen next. For example, Eve can wait in the kitchen, but instead she rests by the bath and silently offers to shave her legs in Helene in the direction of her hair growth. This is the sophisticated direction I want to use in my life. Is it truth or challenge? Challenge: Have a blade on my skin. Truth: Elene hates weak women, so she does what she does. She makes her invincible with Pam. Dare: Eve takes off his clothes and takes a bath. Neither woman is as hot and humid as you might imagine. They are having a hard time negotiating their legs. Eve sits on a shining, lively children’s bath toy. At the end, he lène offers homemade soup instead of sponge bath.

When they swallow, Elaine definitely drops the bomb that invited Eve to drop first: she ticked and bounced off the villanel.I’m worried about poker’s face — she teeth Surprisingly, she doesn’t say if this complicates things for Eve. She blames Elene for her love of the game, the thrill of pushing players to the board, and her dark excitement of seeing pawns. This is a version of last week’s conversation between Eve and Villanelle. , And like Villanelle, Helene came to the opposite conclusion. Eve Spies, double crosses, hunts, rendezvous, warm dangerous baths, this chaotic soup. Eve crosses the couch and kisses Elene deeply. Probably an admission fee. Now it’s Elene’s turn. It looks surprising, but what exactly is it? Does that Eve take it so far?

Helene is, in a sense, the author of all fate of the week. When Villanelle called her from her prison on her only phone, she chose to dismiss the assassin’s recent absence as her adolescent rebellion. “She tells her,” Not you, not me. “She sends Villanelle to Cuba to hunt down Carolyn.

On her side, Carolyn has not made any progress to bring the double agent back to Team Russia. In that respect, the appearance of Villanelle is a godsend. Carolyn may not be convincing to Russians without toes, but it doesn’t take much effort to complement Villanelle. Her side. Her murder is natural and primitive, Carolyn guarantees her. What’s the point of good for itself? “Do what you are good at.” Let your soft animals love what it loves, a little villanelle.

Carolyn proposes a bold new partnership between two women who don’t like the assigned team. Villanelle admits that it was Elene who sent her to Havana, and Carolyn gives her an assignment. -Insufficient FSB agents know about The Twelve. Villanelle does not get her name and is her rendezvous point, El Hombre de Dos Caras. A man with two faces. It’s not the most definitive lead, but by extracting it, Villanelle helps regain the demonic groove. She removes the man’s finger with a cheese wire.

So the assassin and the woman she came to assassinate go out for a drink at El Hombre, suck back the mojito and play the real truth or dare to play Truth: Villanelle is a Christian Truth: Carolyn’s father Was clearly a famous gay spy Truth: What should I explain? An old flame Lars Meyer, who thought Carolyn was dead, walked across the floor of the restaurant and ran before Villanelle caught him. When they are still teasing it. Carolyn decided to head to Berlin, the last place she saw Lars before. The next time Vlad makes her call, she destroys her own phone. Carolyn is no longer MI6, but also FSB. She has a new passport. She praises Moscow. .. Like Eve, like Elene, like Villanel, she is now her own team.

This leaves another weird couple praising Pam, Constantine, and Helene’s plot, but this time it’s a deliberate matchmaking. Constantine is as confused as I am about why he was pulled back into the story. Pam is not. That Special and apparent, the twelve do not know that Elaine has separated him from his very important position as the mayor in the middle of where. .. She really knows everything.

So Constantine resigns to whip Pam (from Anjana Wasan, a brilliant man). We are ready parts) It seems that it has become a murderous form and needs to move to Kent. 12 is a kind of sorority, and Eve calls it. This is hazy. Pam needs to answer the phone 24 hours a day to do terrible chores. Constantine dreams, but when Pam refuses to push a random woman out of the pier, she fails in her first errand.

Abandoned by the handler, Pam visits the Margate theme park instead. She is strong in lifting corpses, so she throws her into a hammer game. She loosens her vehicle. She inspires her nerves to lure Konstantin to the pier and push him into the pier. “Don’t underestimate me,” says Pam. It is the sound of Elene’s compliment. She may be special. He’s just laughing because Constantine is clearly the most apologetic member of the show. He has no great mission or loyalty. He is motivated. This work is due to money and twisted playfulness.

Still, if I was forced to bet on only one of these dysfunctional couples, I would choose Pammy and Konstantin to stay away. Or at least don’t kill each other.

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