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Sports broadcaster Megan Bernard was overwhelmed by support in response to a “degrading” comment made by former colleague Tom Morris about her, but what came out was “never out of someone’s hands.” It should not be robbed. “

The personal life of a Foxsports presenter was pushed into the public sphere last Thursday after a WhatsApp audio leak allegedly contained a sexist and homosexual slur.

On Friday, Fox Sports dismissed Morris in a widely shared “unacceptable” statement on social media. Morris then apologized for his actions on Twitter.

The incident, along with key athletes including AFL CEO Gillion McLachlan, has created a wave of support for Bernard from the media and the general public.

“I was overwhelmed by the amount of support I received in the last few days in response to my comments in the media,” Bernard, who is currently interviewing the ICC Women’s World Cup in New Zealand, wrote on Instagram. she is. “Thank you to everyone who contacted us.

“Fortunately, I’m in a place where I can feel comfortable about who I am and handle personal disclosure deeply, but if this happened a few years ago, It wouldn’t have been.

“What comes out is a process and should not be in the hands of anyone, nor should anyone be spoken in such a sneaky way. My experience is not just in the sports industry, but everything. We hope to be a catalyst for change in the industry.

Morris was initially suspended while investigating what Fox Sports described as “inappropriate recordings.” There was reportedly a second recording unrelated to Bernard.

The network, which holds the rights to the match with many codes such as AFL, NRL, and cricket, has confirmed his termination under the “Zero Tolerance” policy.

“Our culture at Fox Sports is based on a respectful and inclusive environment and is impartial to everyone,” said Steve Crawley, Executive Director of Fox Sports.

“Tom’s journalism has made a valuable contribution to Fox Sports for the past seven years, but the message we noticed yesterday crossed the line.”

Morris apologized on Twitter this Friday afternoon.

“I want to unconditionally apologize for my disgusting and shameful comments published yesterday,” he wrote. “I’m especially sorry to the people involved. Nobody, anywhere, anytime, said that.”

The statement urges commentators to publicly condemn comments, and some describe it as a midst moment for women and people of diverse backgrounds.

Fox Footy and ABC commentator Kelli Underwood said returning to the “Dark Ages” made her feel “sick in my stomach,” and AFL’s great Garry Lyon said Fox was Morris. Said he made the right decision to dismiss.

“We understand and respect the standards and values ​​of everyone in the Foxtel Group. We, the On-Air Group, are responsible for not just paying for lip services, but for protecting those values,” Lyon said. I am saying. Friday night Fox Footy “We need to be better. We need to be better.”

Morris was apologized by Luke Beverage last week after a Western Bulldogs coach called him a “gutter journalist” and beat him at a post-match press conference for an accurate report on team selection.

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