Everyone is talking about Netflix’s new wild series with a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes

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“So I should do whatever you say and listen to your instructions …” The angry man cuts her off.Is the voice of Konman in the center of Bad veganNetflix’s wild new crime series, which debuted on the streaming platform on Friday. At least at the time of this writing, Rotten Tomatoes has a 100% critic score.

Continue to be a kind of emotional puppeteer of a scammer who sinks a hook into a popular chef (the famous “bad vegan” in the series). That was the power of his charisma, and she fell down the hole in her rabbit.

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teeth Bad vegan Real story?

This crime nonfiction series is based on a series of real-world events. Specifically, the scammer and the woman who loved him were the celebrity restaurant owners behind the once super-chic New York hotspots. Pure Food and Wine After meeting a man named Shane Fox on Twitter in 2011, she began sucking money from restaurants. And she poured her cash into Fox, who began to believe she could make all her dreams come true. true.

By the way, these promises include not only a guarantee to help expand her food empire, but strangely, a guarantee that he can keep her beloved Pitbull alive forever. Was there. question.

“A few years later, after stealing nearly $ 2 million from a restaurant and its staff, a married couple on a ram was found trapped in a Tennessee motel by law enforcement.” Netflix continues to be explained. Under the real name of Domino’s Pizza Fox, Anthony Stranjiss.“”

Bad vegan Rotten tomatoes

Blonde haired woman in a green shirt

Blonde haired woman in a green shirt

As already mentioned, this four-part Netflix series came out soon after earning a 100% critic score on the Rotten Tomatoes review aggregation website. Bad vegan One of the critic reviews of Rotten Tomatoes ( Vox) Memo. “And it’s worth talking a little more.”

By the way, Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the only one that the new series is crushing right now. As of March 20 (Sun) Bad vegan It’s also the number one TV show on Netflix in the United States.

“The strangest and surreal story I’ve ever heard”

In the Netflix press material that accompanies the series, producer Mark Emms describes how he and Sarma met in New York before starting imprisonment on Rikers Island. The crazy situation was “the strangest and surreal story I’ve ever heard.”

M’s continues. “How and why did this nightmare happen to someone like Salma? It’s also a story that I felt deeply shocking and cruel, and it’s important to convey it to a larger audience. I had never made a documentary before, but I knew I needed to make one. “

On the other hand, like M’s, regular Netflix viewers have found that all of this is equally shocking and surreal. “I’m watching #BadVegan. There’s no way this woman graduated from Wharton, runs a multi-million dollar business in New York, and is as stupid and ignorant as she’s trying to understand. ” Written by a Twitter user.. “I haven’t bought it. She’s a bad liar, not a bad thing I’m vegan

Surprised another: “look bad Vegan And this Salma woman is not accountable. Girl, you thought your dog would be immortal. You are not a victim here.“”

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