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Chuck Todd’s Marvel “How long NATO will wait” “Wait and watch” Russia attacks Ukraine

NBC News anchor Chuck Todd became NATO chief while confronting NATO Secretary General Jens Stortenberg on Sunday over the military alliance’s response to Russia’s deadly and provocative war against Ukraine. He asked how long he would wait and monitor during the attack on Russian civilians.

President Joe Biden will visit Europe this week to participate in a series of emergency summits during the one-month war in Ukraine. This includes the announcement of a series of new disciplinary measures against Russia by world leaders. Russia is increasingly targeting Ukrainian citizens. NATO has so far removed some items Ukraine wants, especially no-fly zones, to avoid direct conflict with Russia.

As Turkey entered the fourth week of the war, Turkey is now trying to mediate peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow, so Stoltemberg did not express much optimism that diplomatic resolutions were almost struck. ..

“First of all, it’s President Putin’s war, and he has to remember that he can now end it, and that’s what all NATO allies want from Russia, and of course, negotiations. We welcome all efforts to find what has been done. A peaceful solution. ” Meet the Press“I visited Turkey a few days ago and met with President Erdogan. Turkey is seriously working to promote support, which is a negotiation between Russia and Ukraine. But what are these or negotiations? It’s too early to say if it will lead to a concrete result. “

Elsewhere on Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “This means World War III” if peace talks fail while “ready for negotiations” with Putin. I warned. In addition, Zelensky said Ukraine could not have sovereignty. “If Ukraine were a NATO member, the war wouldn’t have started” (but Zelensky hinted last week that it would soon undermine Ukraine’s ambitions to join NATO).

return Meet the PressTodd pressured Stoltemberg on whether he would provide more aid to Ukraine as Russia intensified its attacks on the country’s population.

“In Ukraine, the target of civilians is increasing,” the moderator said. ?? “

“NATO’s allies are strengthening their support for Ukraine by providing military, humanitarian and billions of financial support to Ukraine,” Stortemberg replied. It pays a high price for this completely unjustified and meaningless war against Ukraine, an independent sovereign state. “

He added: “And remind us of the fact that NATO’s allies actually trained and supported the Ukrainian army over the years, training tens of thousands of Ukrainian troops, special operations forces, command and control, and logistics. Now very important. These troops are at the forefront of fighting the invading Russian troops, so the support provided by allies over the years has now proved to be very important. . “

Later in the interview, Todd re-pressured NATO leaders on whether additional Russian invasion in Ukraine would escalate the alliance’s military involvement.

“Will the use of Russian chemical weapons be seen as an escalation on his part to rethink NATO?” Todd wondered.

“Our main responsibility is to protect one billion people living in 30 different NATO allies, and we do that by increasing the eastern presence of the alliance,” Stoltenberg replies. I did. The conflict is over and we are facing a new reality, a new security reality. There, Russia is more openly competing for core values ​​for our security and ready to use military force to achieve that end. Therefore, we need to reset deterrence and defense. “

The Meet the Press The host later added that NATO chiefs seemed to “have no answer yet” as to whether chemical weapons would represent a red line for the organization, and told Stoltemberg “a blatant and brutal violation of international law.” I urged him to point out. Russia unleashes a chemical attack.

“So this is what we take very seriously,” he continued. It turns out that the very bloody, ugly and horrifying conflict in Ukraine is a full-scale war between NATO and Russia in Europe and, of course, could directly involve the United States. “

Todd’s pointed out Stoltenberg’s grill on NATO’s potential to escalate military involvement in the war between Ukraine and Russia comes as a Beltway reporter. came Under criticism for Seems to encourage the White House To provide Ukraine with more obvious military support. On the surface, it will draw the United States into a direct armed conflict with Russia.


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