Where are the Western Pennsylvania Girl Scout cookies?

Most people in western Pennsylvania are still waiting to receive a Girl Scout cookie box, but SCI-Fayet prisoners have not.

The state prison received more than 1,100 boxes of cookies to benefit the Girl Scouts of Japan in western Pennsylvania for its third sale this year. Prisoners had the opportunity to purchase up to 6 boxes.

“The special sales we offer to prisoners give us the opportunity to boost overall morale and give back to the community,” said Maria Bivens, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Corrections Bureau. ..

Center County’s SCI-Rockview offered similar sales this year, Bivens said.

Girl Scout cookies are usually not difficult to get. But this year, prisoners enjoy the unusual treatment of early access to cookies that has been hampered by supply chain problems.

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Delivery of Girl Scout cookies is delayed nationwide. Many customers who ordered cookies a few weeks ago are still waiting for Shinmint and Samoa.

According to a statement from a Girl Scout in western Pennsylvania, this delay is due to problems with the production and transportation of Little Brownie Baker. Little Brownie Baker offers all Girl Scout cookies in the area.

All remaining cookie orders should be in the hands of the scouts by next week, the district said Thursday.

Colleen Peary, who heads five troops in Connelsville, said her troops haven’t received a box of cookies this season.

“I wasn’t surprised when they said they were late because of what was happening with the world,” said Peary, a 37-year military leader. Supply chain issues) were around us. “

Local troops learned in early February that some deliveries would be delayed.

Jenna Trout, a Greensburg scout with a six-year-old daughter, told the girls that the labor shortage affected the availability of the latest cookie, Adventureful. The remaining cookies were scheduled for mid to late February. ..

A few weeks later, local troops were informed that delivery of other cookies would be delayed and were scheduled to arrive in the first week of March.

Then the first week of March came and went.

The Girl Scouts of Japan in western Pennsylvania said the cookies had arrived at the warehouse and were scheduled for delivery by the army until March 25.

“We continue to demand patience from our customers until the Girl Scouts complete the delivery,” the organization said in a statement.

Who received the cookie?

The area is not completely out of cookies this season.

Most people buy Girl Scout cookies in one of two ways. Customers can order through a scout. Scouts usually deliver cookies to their customers after they receive them. Alternatively, you can buy cookies at the booth sale.

According to Trout, her daughter’s troops received a “limited amount” of cookies for booth sales, but not the cookies ordered by the customer.

However, on March 7, the Girl Scouts of Japan in Western Pennsylvania suspended booth sales until delivery to customers began.

“Once deliveries to the local army are resumed and girls are able to deliver orders, we will reassess when booth sales can resume,” the organization said.

Some of Traut’s daughter’s customers have already received cookies, but only those who have paid at least $ 12.99 to ship their orders home.

According to Trout, a customer ordered a cookie on March 4th and received it by March 10th.

“People who ordered and paid for cookies in January have not received the cookie yet because they have selected the Girl Delivery option. As the days go by, more and more people keep asking me. My cookie? And that’s completely understandable. “

She hopes this delay will not hurt customers in future cookie sales.

“I’m worried that no one will want to buy them next year. This is a really good fundraiser for the military,” Trout said.

Girl Scouts sell cookies to make money for troop activities, travel and service projects. Cookie money means that her parents pay little or no money for her daughter to attend these events, Peary explained.

She is convinced that her army will “push through”. Delays teach girls that unexpected events do not have to be “negative” or “catastrophe.”

“(Girl Scouts) aren’t stressful. It’s one of the positive places in your life,” Peary said.

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