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Thousands of Mariupol’s inhabitants were “forced” to Russia, the city says

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  • Mariupol officials said thousands of residents were “forced” to Russia on Saturday.
  • Officials said soldiers took the residents to a Russian camp and checked their documents and phone calls.
  • Mariupol, a strategic coastal city, has been the target of heavy bombardment, with thousands of people missing or dead.

Russian soldiers took thousands of inhabitants from the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol against their will and crossed the border back to Russia, city officials said in several statements on Saturday.

According to CNN, the Mariupol City Council said residents were taken to camps in Russian territory and had their phones and documents checked, and some residents were redirected to remote cities in Russia, “the fate of others is unknown. “He added.

Mariupol’s aide, Pyotr Andrewschenko, told The New York Times that 4,000 to 4,500 Mariupol residents were “forced” to move to Taganrog, Russia, without a passport.

The Times is ” [Andryuschenko] They had no evidence that they could be used for forced labor, he has no place to live or reliable resources, so they are at the mercy of those who took them across the border. I said it would be.

The Times said the figures provided by Andrew Schenko could not be independently verified, but other residents who were able to escape the city confirmed certain details. Taken by Russian soldiers and sent to Taganrog.

Zarbin told the newspaper that one of his friends was sent a text message stating that he was not allowed to return to Ukraine.

In a statement on Saturday, Mariupol’s mayor Vadim Boychenko likened development to Nazi Germany and detained Jews in concentration camps.

“It’s well known what the occupiers are doing today, who saw the horrific events of World War II when the Nazis forcibly captured people,” said Boychenko, according to CNN. People can be forcibly taken to other countries. “

Mariupol, a strategic coastal city, was hit hard last week, leaving thousands of people missing or dead. Among Russian targets were theaters, mosques and maternity hospitals used as emergency shelters.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, called Mariupol, attacks “the worst humanitarian catastrophe on the planet.” Citizens in the area are facing exacerbations due to lack of access to water, heating and gas and limited food supplies.

Andrew Schenko told The Washington Post that the entire city is essentially a “battlefield.”

“But we’re still protecting the city and haven’t given up,” he said.

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