This Week’s Crypto Twitter: Elon Musk’s Diamond Hands, Tom Brady Responds to Vitalik

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When spring came to the northern hemisphere and the temperature rose, so did the temperature. Cryptographic marketThe most major cryptocurrencies since last Sunday Stagnation winter.. But is it getting more attention? Elon is Elon.

Monday, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Asked his followers Inflationary thoughts over the next few years are flooded with replies, including a tweet from MicroStrategy CEO, some serious, some like Mask’s favorite Memecoin, DOGE’s Shilling. Did. Bitcoin HOD Ling Maxi Michael Sailor..

Sailor partially tweeted:“”

mask Replyed after 12 minutes: “It’s not completely unpredictable that you reach that conclusion,” he adds shortly thereafter: “In general, for anyone looking for advice from this thread, it’s like a home or company stock. It’s generally better to own physical stuff I think I’ll make better products than dollars when inflation is high. I still own Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin and don’t sell them . “

So you have it: almost a year has passed, and The mask still has a diamond hand..

In politics

Bitcoin HOD Ling Senator Cynthia Lummis Wyoming’s new Bitcoin bill has announced that it will include tax deductions for purchases made in cryptocurrencies up to $ 600. She tweeted. [sic] At the time of transaction? (nightmare). “

Lumis, who is currently working to incorporate cryptocurrencies into US tax law, Responsible Financial Innovation Act Since last year she has previously tweeted that she is “putting” Final finish in addition. “

Elsewhere in politics, Bryan Solstin, advocate of STEM and privacy announcement He is running for the US Senate and has established BTC as the legal tender of the United States. “It will be my main purpose in the Senate. “

On Wednesday, Minnesota Republican and blockchain Caucus chairman Tom Emmer shared “many hints” that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is making “burdening” demands on the “crypto community.” Measures are “Suffocating innovation. “

Then Emmer was sent Letter to SECJoint signature 7 colleaguesDemands that federal agencies clarify how to collect information from cryptocurrency-linked companies, while at the same time requiring SEC practices to “comply with the standards established by the Paperwork Reduction Act.” This limits the burden the government imposes on private businesses and citizens. “”

On Thursday, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren submitted a bill to close a potential loophole that could allow Russian oligarchs to use cryptography to circumvent sanctions.

Warren partially tweeted: “Putin and his associates cannot be allowed to hide their wealth and use cryptocurrencies to circumvent economic sanctions.“”

The bill is not without critics.On the day of the announcement, a think tank coin center based in Washington, DC The vague words of legislation “It will impose drastic restrictions on the crypto ecosystem under the guise of tightening sanctions on Russia for unjustified invasion of Ukraine.” The Coin Center further “unnecessarily, broadly and unconstitutionally” the bill. I called it.

Brady’s Buterin

Last week, an unfortunate football enthusiast paid $ 518,628 for football used for Tom Brady’s last touchdown pass in his career. The next day, the bidders knew little about Tampa’s quarterback. Announced his retirementTherefore, make the ball almost worthless.

Bitcoin-maxi Brady (who shakes the eyes of the red laser in his Twitter profile picture) tweeted about the unfortunate purchase to the crypto exchange FTX: “… Donate Bitcoin to a charity of his choice. Can you do it ?! “(Brady is a stock of FTX.)

That same day, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin tweeted four interesting reactions to his appearance on the cover of Time. The tweets shared the theme and everything compared his appearance to Tom Brady’s appearance.

Buterin writes: “I didn’t even know who Tom Brady was, so I asked the people around me. I think he was a Mission Impossible actor.”

Brady replied to Buterin: “What’s Vitalik! You may not know me, but I just wanted to say I’m a big fan of you. @sign I couldn’t. I hope to see you someday … “

Brady contained a goat emoji. GOAT means the highest ever, probably a wink from another to Vitalik who has reached the peak of his field.

Finally, Crypto: The Musical is important and coming soon.

Twitter user @amandacassatt announced the news on Thursday. @serotonin_hq “DAO will start in June,” she said in a tweet, and the project “benefits investors.”

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