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Paddy Pimblett quits fight with Ilia Topuria, won’t face top 15 foes until UFC adds ‘more zeros to my contract’

Paddy Pimblett will have plenty of options for his next fight after a win at UFC London, but he isn’t interested in Ilia Topuria – or any of the top 15 ranked opponents – just yet.

As the biggest fan favorite at the O2 Arena on Saturday, Scouser, 27, savored his win over Kazula Vargas but barely had a chance to celebrate before hearing about a Topuria legend at following a viral altercation at the hotel between the two forwards. at the event.

After his own win earlier in the night, Topuria slammed Pimblett and said he wanted to face “that blonde b****” as his next opponent.

“Everybody wants to fight me,” Pimblett said at the UFC London post-fight press conference. he was. I am the draw. Everyone wants to fight me.

Pimblett gave credit where the credit is due and said he was impressed with Topuria’s own finish at UFC London, a heavy second-round knockout of Jai Herbert to kick off the main card.

That said, Pimblett isn’t interested in entertaining the idea of ​​Topuria as his next opponent, no matter how badly the Georgian fighter might want him.

“Give him his due, that was a good knockout,” Pimblett said. “It was a really good knockout, especially after taking that head kick in the first round. would finish it.

“But like I said, he’s just a hand sanitizer to me. A lion doesn’t care about the opinions of sheep.”

Regarding his own performance, Pimbett criticized some of the early mistakes he made against Vargas before turning things around with a takedown and the fight-ending submission.

It wasn’t perfect, but “The Baddy” can only promise that the crowd will always walk away happy after watching him fight, and he certainly delivered that kind of enthusiasm with his victory.

“He was a gangster,” Pimblett said. “It was crazy. I said what was going to happen and it happened. I looked a little chiseled to begin with, but I’m never in a boring fight, am I? talk shit. Finish the first round and I got it. As soon as I got that little judo throw and put it on my back, I was like, ‘Yeah, it’s over now. “I was thinking of a flying triangle, but he kept holding my hand. Imagine how bad it would have been if I had that?

“It was a sloppy attempt on my part, to be honest. Quite disappointed with my performance, but I got the first round and that’s all that matters.”

In Pimblett’s mind, he probably should have been the main event on Saturday, especially with the raucous reaction he received from the London faithful.

“Without being a big-headed tool, I’m the star of the show,” Pimblett said. “It’s as simple as that.

“Expect me to take over the show. I told you. It’s the ‘Baddy’ show. Swept The O2 right away.”

With Topuria seemingly out of contention, Pimblett isn’t sure who will be next for him, but he’s in no rush when it comes to his level of competition in the lightweight division.

While he’s always up for a challenge, the budding UFC 2-0 star also understands he’s not earning huge paychecks in his career just yet – and until that changes. , he won’t try to take on the best fighters in the world.

“I wouldn’t take a top 15 fight,” Pimblett said. “I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t. Add a few more zeros to my contract and I will. I think I proved tonight that I deserve a new contract. Not that little standard.

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