Oscar Isaac fights strange creatures in the trailer of New Moon Knight

Marvel has released a new advertising spot for Moon Knight in the Oscar Isaac series. It shows off his multiple identities along with the battle of epic creatures.

New teaser Moon knight It shows an Oscar Isaac hero fighting a mysterious creature. Moon knightPremiered on Disney + on March 30, 2022, is the first live-action MCU series to appear on a streaming service that introduces new Marvel heroes rather than focusing on the characters already established in the movie. .. The series was created by Jeremy Slater and features four episodes directed by Mohamed Diab and two episodes directed by duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Loki Season 2.

Moon knight Starring Oscar Isaac as an honorable hero. This is one of the multiple identities of the unpretentious British clerk Stephen Grant. Grant’s life begins to crumble around him when he begins to discover the existence of his alter ego, the mercenary Mark Specter. The Power of the Egyptian God Consh In this series, Stephen’s colleague Donna as Lucy Suckerley, former Specter Associate Layla El Foley as May Calamawy, and Consh as the voice of F. Murray Abraham and the cult leader. Ethan Hawke and the deceased also appear as Arthur Hello. Gaspar Uriel as a man in the middle of the night.

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Today Marvel has dropped a new advertising spot Moon knight The 30-second spot, titled “Choice,” shows many new footage, including the battle between Moon Knight and unidentified creatures jumping in the air. We’ll also take a closer look at how multiple Oscar Isaac characters interact. Stephen Grant wrestles with other identities who may or may not live within him. Check out the teasers below.

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The Teaser monster is somewhat similar to the deviant of another Phase 4 MCU project. Eternals, Appeared in the theater last fall. It’s clear that it doesn’t really deviate from the creature’s slightly different design, but what’s currently unknown is its feature in the story. It’s still unclear if this battle is just one of many adventures throughout the show, running six episodes, or whether these creatures will proliferate and become a major part of the show’s villain’s final plan. Hmm.

Moon knight Is gradually releasing the story beat in just over a week for its release. Unfortunately, the proximity of the premiere release means that this is likely to be the last new footage to be shared before a big day. However, the wait until this next chapter of Phase 4 begins is almost over, showing viewers what to expect from the MCU in 2022.

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