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First season Bridgerton It was a height of stupidity. This is a compliment. It’s no wonder that the series worked across Netflix, with a fake relationship setup that’s more familiar to romantic comedies than real life, and a clever combination of barely suppressed desires and NSFW’s love scene. -Subscribe to the world properly.

By comparison, the second season feels a bit old and clever, but this time the leads are more equal (if they’re just as stubborn about denying each other’s true feelings), and their concerns are slightly relevant. It leads to sexual, deeper and deeper romance, but sometimes the transcendental dizziness of its first season cannot be overlooked.



Not very sexy, but almost as sweet as the second grade season.

On-air date: Friday, March 25 (Netflix)
cast: Jonathan Bailey, Simone Ashley, Charisla Chandlen, Nicola Coughlan, Claudia Jessie, Ruth Gemmell, Polly Walker, Adjoa Andoh, Luke Newton, Luke Thompson, Kathryn Drysdale, Column Lynch, Ruthert Young, Sherry Con, Golda Rosheuvel, Julie Andrews
Author: Chris Van Dusen

Following the basic template laid out by Julia Quinn’s book series, showrunner Chris Van Dusen almost eliminates the core couple of the first season. Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne has only a handful of support appearances, but Regé-Jean Page does not appear at all. , The show’s attention is directed to the next Bridgerton lined up to find the right partner: brother Anthony (Jonathan Bailey), 29, with his handsome appearance, reputable family and Viscount titles. Make him a very popular catch.

He decided to settle down perfectly because of the family heritage demands. He looks to Edwina Sharma (Chaisla Chandran), a sweet-faced rookie who is considered the “diamond” of the year (that is, the most qualified bachelor). ) Queen Charlotte herself (Golda Rosheuvel). But first he needs to get the approval of Edwina’s protective sister Kate (Simone Ashley). From there, a genius who sniffs out the arc from the inevitable enemy to his lover.

One of the more striking achievements of Season 2 was that after the first season Anthony met as an enthusiastic showvinist, he became a totally valuable romantic lead. The tragic inside story does most of the hard work. The man after seeing his dad die in his arms in a flashback — and reconstructing his arrogance as the anxious man’s vigilance pierced his too young leadership. Bailey’s stiff stance and sad eyes do the rest, turning Anthony into a variation, from the prototype of his beloved Darcy to the wet white shirt scene in the second half of the season.

Kate’s story reflects Anthony’s own story. She is also the eldest son of the widow’s mother’s self-sacrifice, and when Edwina gets married, she plans to leave herself to an unmarried life in London (in one of the show’s more graceful nods). To the above diversity, Sharma brings an Indian tradition, such as the pre-wedding Haldi ceremony, despite mastering the complex rules of London’s marriage market. Bridgerton Criteria, it’s a surprisingly solid foundation of relationships. The core ideas of two closed people who get rid of noisy gowns, polite manners, pop covers of vitamin string quartets and combine through shared past trauma can be the basis of naturalism Sundance Drama day.

I feel that Bailey and Ashley are more evenly harmonious than their predecessors. They are not an immediate physical connection, but a gathering of minds that unfolds in witty discussions outside the ballroom and in vicious competition during Pall Mall’s friendly family games. .. Bridgerton To be Bridgerton, This ultimately leads to intense sexual tension. The pair is pretty good at kissing, but when I finally locked my lips, I easily mistaken it for a fantasy sequence.Than overwhelming mutual desire Bridgerton Season 2 loses a lot of the rampant dead skin that made Season 1 so much fun to watch (there is no other way to say that).

With an average of 8 episodes over an hour each, BridgertonThe second season can feel more like a marathon than a fun run. As with last season, the story of central romance turns out to be a mixed bag. Penelope, revealed last season as anonymous entertainment reporter Lady Whistle Down, is one of the shows. Thanks to Nicola Coughlan’s illustrious performance, Queen Charlotte’s new determination to sniff out the most likable characters and the writer’s identity shocks the season.

on the other hand, Bridgerton Benedict (Luke Thompson) gets a drug-fueled subplot about an art school that feels like a half-hearted excuse to throw a bare torso. On the screen, Colin (Luke Newton) is literally wandering around the party wondering loudly about his purpose for his beloved Penelope.

And while the series again attempts to inject some modern social relevance into the show’s gorgeous 19th-Century setting — This time there is a story about Eloise (Claudia Jessie) getting along with a man (Karamu Lynch) from the other side of the town, and as a result, having to consider her privileges — Show The overall treatment of classes and races continues to be defined in good faith rather than effective executions. Indeed, it’s great that nostalgic regency romance is no longer considered the only white state.

But whatever you stumbled upon in other areas, Bridgerton Kate and Anthony may not have the fiery physical connection between Daphne and Simon in Season 1, but their story stirs up another, almost equally satisfying itch. Netflix executives are patiently working on more love matches. There are a total of eight Quinn source materials, one for each Bridgerton, but there is no guarantee that VanDusen will follow the same blueprint. Meanwhile, Season 2 backs up the reputation Season 1 earned in the delivery. High quality and bubbling romance.

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