Moon Knight Promo Spotlight Mark Specter’s Heroic Mission

A new promotion for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight Disney + series highlights Consh’s fist mission to protect and revenge innocent people.

Marvel Studios New Promotion Moon knight Introducing the main character’s mission statement.

In a television spot titled “Choice,” Oscar Isaac’s Mark Specter explained to his alternative identity, Steven Grant, that their mission as Moon Knight was to “protect the weak and provide justice.” increase. The promotion also includes bulletproof heroes: a crescent-shaped cape and Layla El Foley, the character of May Caramawi.

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Moon Knight was created by Dagmenhi and Don Parlin and made its debut in the 1975s. Werewolf at night # 32. In the cartoon, Mark Specter is a mercenary who died betrayed by his companions, but the Egyptian god Khonsu gives Mark the opportunity to redeem his violent life and make him the bearer of his power on Earth. Choose that, or “Fist of Cons”, tell Mark to use his new powers to protect and revenge innocent people.

The series consists of six episodes in total, and executive producer Grant Curtis said the series tells a completely new story that has nothing to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Adventure. ” Moon knight “We’re taking Marvel Studios to the roots of Iron Man and Tony Stark,” he said. “It’s obviously a character built from scratch, the same as Mark Specter.”

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Kevin Feige, president and chief creative officer of Marvel Studios, described the upcoming series as “brutal” and pushed the boundaries of other Marvel content previously released on Disney +. Moon knight Ultimately, it’s a story of self-discovery.

First official trailer Moon knight Premiered on January 17th, it will be the first time to show viewers how the dark new hero of the MCU, the fierce action sequence, Ethan Hawke’s villain Arthur Harlow, and Isaac’s Mark Specter / Steven Grant will deal with his DID. Did. Disney +, along with the trailer, unveiled a more twisting plot, spotlighting Stephen Grant as he plunged into a “deadly mystery” involving “the mighty gods of Egypt.”

Isaac who appeared in a highly acclaimed movie like Ex Machina When Show me the heroRecently, he called his role as Moon Knight one of the greatest challenges of his acting career. I had a lot of work to do in eight months, but I couldn’t wait to get ready and get to work, “he said.

Moon knight It will premiere on Disney + on March 30th.

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