Marvel scrubbed Netflix credits from the Disney + Defender show … and fans noticed

Looking at Jessica Jones, fans noticed that the opening credits weren’t completely edited to remove the Netflix name from the Marvel series.

Disney + viewers noticed that the streaming platform edited the Netflix logo from the opening credits of the Marvel series. Jessica Jones..

At the beginning of March, all Netflix Marvel shows were removed from the streaming platform and finally landed on Disney + on March 16th. Jessica Jones In Disney +’s Season 1 episode “AKA Crush Syndrome,” a fan noticed that Netflix’s name wasn’t completely removed from the opening credit sequence and posted it on Reddit.Like the other episodes and shows in the series daredevil When Luke Cage However, these credits have been completely removed without leaving a trace.

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At the time of writing, “AKA Crush Syndrome” is the only one in the limelight due to the conspicuous evidence of digital editing, but there are many episodes of the following programs. Jessica Jones Now available on Disney +. Jessica Jones When daredevil Outside the limited series, both ran over three seasons of 13 episodes each Defender, Luke Cage When Punisher Both lasted two seasons with the same number of episodes before being canceled. Iron fist The only other exception to the rule is that the second season is three episodes less than the first season.

The previous Netflix series that appeared on Disney + also made a big difference to the US platform. Until March 16th, the TV-MA rating series wasn’t streamed on domestic platforms, so Disney + began updating parental controls. Marvel shows are now available. Viewers must be able to watch rated R movies or TV-MA series in order to access this mature content.

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The transition to Disney + for the series is daredevil Fans witnessed their beloved characters and actors returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In December, actors Vincent D’Onofrio and Charlie Cox returned as Wilson Fisk / Kingpin and Matt Murdock, respectively. Kingpin played against Clint Barton and Kate Bishop. Hawkeye At Disney +, Matt Murdock was Peter Parker’s lawyer. Spider-Man: No Way Home..Blind lawyers / guards are also reported to be involved in many upcoming projects, including: daredevil reboot.

Regarding the return of other heroes from the previous Netflix show, Jessica Jones has been rumored and speculated to return. Actor Krysten Ritter replays his role as a super-powerful private detective. Play Jessica again, “says her recent hairstyle change, fueling fan speculation that it’s very similar to that of Jones. She-Hulk Although it is a series, it seems that it was revealed in December 2021.

daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron fist, Defender When Punisher It’s all currently streamed on Disney +.

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