MacKenzie Scott Donates $ 281 Million to Boys & Girls Club

MacKenzie Scott has donated $ 281 million to Boys & Girls Clubs in the United States and 62 local Boys & Girls Clubs nationwide. This is a 160-year-old non-profit organization announced Thursday.

According to a spokeswoman for the Boys & Girls Club of America, Scott sent a total of $ 25 million to the organization’s national office in Atlanta, with the remaining $ 256 million distributed to 62 local clubs in various amounts. Said that it would be done. The amount decision was made by Scott and her adviser.

The club offers a variety of after-school, weekend and summer programs for young people with a focus on homework, arts, STEM, leadership, mentoring, recreation and sports. Many clubs operate in poorly serviced areas. Scott’s previous donations and gifts after 2020 are unlimited.

Jim Clark, president and chief executive officer of the organization, said in a news release: More than ever, with the right support system, positive mentorship and opportunities, children can grow. “

Experts will be donated to a charity with a long history of developing programs that work with the times and the needs of young people, as this gift may help poorly serviced young people and their families. Say I’m excited about it.

“They are the backbone of the youth development sector and always meet the needs of families and communities,” said Senior Policy Officer, Afterschool Alliance, a national non-profit organization focused on ensuring affordability and high prices. Vice President Erik Peterson said. -Quality after-school programs are available to all young people. “Their programs are evolving over time and are constantly evolving.”

Scott’s latest gift is important because it’s not just about the amount of money, but because it’s sent to the type of charity that normally doesn’t land that much, like almost all of her charitable activities, said an assistant professor of charity research. One Tyrone Freeman said. Director of the Undergraduate Program at Indiana University Lily Family School of Philanthropy.

“She’s not going to the usual suspect,” Freeman said.

This donation seems to be part of Scott’s fourth round donation announced in December. It is also the latest in a series of donations made by Scott to a large national nonprofit organization with dozens of branches nationwide that provide services. For people in areas left behind by society or in low-income areas. Donating to a national charity network is one way Scott’s donations have had a spillover effect on the non-profit world.

Scott donates $ 133.5 million to the school community to expand efforts to achieve equitable outcomes for students and $ 50 million to the National 4-H Council to expand work with young people. Donated. Both groups announced donations in February.

In 2020, Scott donated a total of $ 162 million to Easter Shields, a charity to help people with disabilities, benefiting Chicago’s national office in addition to 22 of the group’s 67 affiliates. rice field. Industry, YMCA, YWCA, and other large groups.

Overall, Scott has donated more than $ 9 billion to nearly 900 nonprofits since 2020. Forbes estimates her net worth over $ 46 billion. Scott signed the Giving Pledge Letter in 2019, and her husband, Dan Jewett, wrote most of her wealth in 2021 with his own The Giving Pledge Letter.

To see all of Scott’s published donations and learn about the large donations from other donors, see our regularly updated database of over $ 1 million donations.


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