Jill Dagger’s son tested positive for COVID

Jill Dagger’s son tested positive for COVID, and pregnant reality stars shared the latest news about family health. Read below for more information.

Pregnant dagger infected with COVID

In late February, Jill and Derrick Dillard surprised fans by announcing their hopes of joining the family. The news was accompanied by a picture of Jill during her pregnancy. The third baby arrives in July 2022 and joins Samuel, four years old. And Israel, 6.

Jill Dagger / Credits: Jill Dagger Instagram

But soon after Jill and her family tested positive for COVID, good news became a concern.

What’s the latest information on the Dillard family’s fight against the coronavirus?

Jill Dagger’s son tests positive for COVID

former Reliable The star used her Instagram to share another up-to-date on family recovery. She had previously shared that she was “feeling better,” but she hadn’t fully recovered.

The latest social media post included a snapshot of the day a lovely family went to an abandoned playground. The photo included a son and husband Derrick. In fact, one person joked in a comment that he didn’t know who had more. Fun – Derrick or kids.

Smiles of men and women
Derrick Dillard and Jill Dagger / Credits: Jill Dagger Instagram

“”It’s hard to tell in the mind who is enjoying the play park, a little guy and a big guy who are still kids, “they wrote.

Jill Dillard shared the details on some slides in the Instagram story. According to Jill, she tested negative for her COVID, as did her son Israel.

Sam is still testing positive, but Jill doesn’t seem to be worried. For some time after she was infected with COVID, she said she could test positive without being infected.

In addition, Jill shared the surprising news that Derrick hasn’t been tested again since the first positive test “11+” days ago. She didn’t say why he wasn’t tested again.

His wife said his symptoms were gone.

Fans posted a photo of the playground to share their wishes for Jill and her family. “I’m glad I feel better, “said one supporter.

“”The sun and the breath of fresh air work mysteriously! Please enjoy!“Another addition.

Credits: Jill Duggar / Instagram

Derrick keeps silence on social media

Derrick Dillard has been surprisingly quiet on social media since Josh Duggar was convicted.

In fact, Dillard’s last Instagram post was an announcement of his family’s pregnancy on February 28, 2022.

Neither Jill nor Derrick share the reason behind the silence on social media, but Jill himself took a long break after being convicted of his brother CSAM.

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