How Marvel Stages SHIELD Comeback Agents

Fans only wanted SHIELD agents to return to the MCU, but how can a team or franchise return?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made great strides in how to integrate the universe of larger Marvel movies and television.And perhaps the biggest sign that things are changing is with Netflix’s Defenders Saga. SHIELD agent Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock is back and finally enters Disney + Spider-Man: No Way Home.. The only questions left are: SHIELD agent Return to the MCU. If so, how?

The love of fans of the popular ABC series has grown since the end of Season 7. Since its premiere SHIELD agent From the tangential spin-off of the MCU, it has grown into a unique entity that can handle many characters and the world of the Marvel Universe. actual, SHIELD agent Long before it was teased, it first headed to a deeper level of supernatural with Darkhold and Ghost Rider. Wandavision.. The possibility of integrating familiar faces into the MCU is because it is more accessible than ever. SHIELD agent It was established in later seasons without being affected by the MCU, so it may be possible to resume from where it left off. In addition, writing has been on the wall for years.

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The biggest connection with the larger MCU was Phil Coulson, the agent who led most of the series before the focus began to shift to other characters. At the end of the show, Clark Gregg’s iconic characters continued to appear on the MCU. He played the younger version.Own Captain MarvelAnd he also returned what if…? Not only has Coulson been there since the start of the Avengers Initiative, but it’s also clear that Clark Gregg had no problem returning to his own character.There are rumors that other agents, like Quake, may be denied, but other characters may pop up in properties such as: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness When Secret aggression..

From a behind-the-scenes perspective, there’s also the issue of coincidence, which has been too difficult to ignore since the advent of Daredevil. Spider-Man: No Way Home.. Returning these shows to Disney +’s larger Marvel Collective may only be a daunting timing for the deal, but given the climate of the MCU, it can’t be ignored. Not only did Spidermen and Daredevil appear in these films, but it seems that Sir Patrick Stewart has returned to the role of Professor X. Crazy multiverse.. Now that you have no contractual or legal obligations, it’s up to Marvel how you want to go. However, as shown, it’s easy to integrate what worked and dispose of what didn’t. SHIELD agent..

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SHIELD agent Some characters have retired from the recently established SHIELD, and others have taken on new roles. However, the MCU can take two steps to reintegrate the series into a larger universe. Yo-yos can take the position of mentor for a collection of new agents who must enter an era of post-Thanos threats. These agents may be more comically accurate as the movie world incorporates more colorful roots. It does not affect the continuity of what happened before without affecting the past.

Given the last time Daisy was seen exploring the ends of the universe, there is also the concept of SWORD. SWORD was already established. WandavisionBut with Daisy in space Secret aggression Now is the time to team up with SHIELD and reformatting SWORD to address more alien threats. Characters are so versatile that you can go anywhere on your MCU without losing the past. Moreover, as the Multiverse grows, the possibilities open up. It’s endless because I feel that the return of SHIELD’s agents is more likely than ever.

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