Esme Frames Trina, a fan of a general hospital sick as Operation Demeter

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this week Fans say goodbye to Sydney Mikayla as Trina general Hospital, Unfortunately, Esme took her plot against Trina to the next level. Liz realized that there was no answer as to who was bothering her and got her first big clue as to what Victor was doing. Finally, Friday’s Cliffhanger certainly seemed to set Willow as Nina’s daughter.

Illness and twist

Just as Esme thought she couldn’t sink anymore, she outperformed herself in many ways. love Father Ryan gave her when Curly grabbed a sex tape and confronted her, when she played as skillfully as she did. In fact, do we call them sex tapes in the digital age? Nicholas, who took Esme to the ER, had me. He scratched my head because such a developed bruise did not appear immediately. GH But she took advantage of his concerns and fell in love with him. In her last week’s column, she already suggested that Esme sleep with Nicholas or make her look like her. I am going.

Esme complains to Nicholas at a general hospital
Moreover: Esme seems to be fascinating and ridiculing Nicholas as easily as his son. (Credit: ABC screenshot)

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The last Spencer and Trina scenes in Sydney were wonderfully performed by both young performers. Each of them had a wonderful and clever dialogue, I even called the whole conversation very existential. Trina is trying to force Spencer When she opens her eyes to Esme, Spencer’s side is just sad. The fact that he thinks he has all of Esme in the world shows how much his thoughts are distorted by his hatred for Ava and Nicholas.

Of course, the spy and jealous Esme carried out the final part of the revenge plan by putting the burner phone in Trina’s bag and calling the police. I’m sure her plan will work at first, and Kam and Joss turn Trina on. Hope I’m wrong, but they stick to Trina’s side. Also, there are many problems with the credibility that Esme can do all this. Turn it off to prove that it wasn’t always where Trina was. You also need to see the time stamp and the edited sign of the video, even if it’s not on the screen. This could prove that Esme planted her recording device. Esme was also at Spring Ridge, and when her phone mysteriously went into her purse, Trina could easily claim that Esme had framed her again. As many viewers have pointed out, Esme prints are everywhere on her phone.

After finally confronting Spencer and his feelings for Trina, Spencer finally began to become wise in the game of Esme. Yes, after Spencer painfully rejected her, I’m definitely seeing Esme found in bed with Nicholas. But Avery Paul is a great actress and she’s good at playing … well, crazy. I wouldn’t be shocked if both she and Sydney were competing in this season’s Daytime Emmy Awards.

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I feel as usual, someone is looking at me

The story of Finn and Jake was spectacular for Liz. Liz learns that Jake isn’t behind what’s happening to her, and he’s been talking online with her parents Jeff and Carolyn for months. When Liz’s father returned last October, fans hope that he or both Jeff and Carolyn will return to Port Charles. The storyline of Liz’s Dissociative Identity Disorder is, sadly, one of the theories that seems to make the most sense today. But she also suggested that Heather Webber could somehow be afflicting Liz just by adjusting it from her mental asylum. ..

Liz suffering from Jeff GH's photos
Moreover: Will Liz’s parents finally return to Port Charles? Or are we on the verge of another disappointment? (Credit: ABC screenshot)

Operation Spring Awakening

It was a lot of fun to see Drew play Victor and pretend to be under his control through a fake tarot card until Curly came across them and ruined the whole plan. Called Operation Demeter, which was part of Drew’s past on Navy Day, those memories do not exist in his head, but there must be a file that Spinelli can find. .. In fact, Sam opposed him to Dante by the weekend, and, of course, the detective. She called him to his injured ego because she needed Spinelli’s skills and made her admit that she was right. The scene between the two felt more comfortable The show made the viewer Many other people who forced them to believe as a couple.

Dante and Sam obscure GH
Moreover: Fans may not feel their romantic chemistry, but Sam and Dante make a good detective team. (Credit: ABC screenshot)

Sam and Dante appear to have hit other road collisions during this operation. When Dante wanted to shut things down after Victor tested Drew and threw Johan off the bridge, Sam trusted Drew and told him to let him play this. Dante seemed a little upset for Dante to trust her When trying to move forward, Sam seemed to deny feelings and connections to Drew, but Maurice Benard was Curly and Drew. Poor Drew feels like a replacement for Curly Jason, who was hit hard by the fact that Monica was legally sentenced to death.

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Indeed, after they were left alone on the pedestrian bridge, Curly and Drew had a heartfelt heart for Jason, Sunny, and others. When Curly stuck to the beam of her bridge after Drew left her, she looked like a teen struck by love. The two have a great match, but Cameron Mathison seems to go well with everyone on the show. Curly learns from Drew what the cards and words are to control him, and jokingly, it helps if she needs to teach Nina a lesson. She was actually really interesting. Similarly, I felt like Drew was joking. Days of our lives And my current inventory, also known as the devil, made me do it, the story.

Victor Drew Meeting GH
Moreover: Victor again played the wrong card, revealing key clues related to mythology. (Credit: ABC screenshot)

What is Operation Demeter? If you know Greek mythology, Demeter is the goddess of agriculture and harvest, but she is best known in the story of her daughter, the goddess of spring, Hades and Persephone. In the story, Hades kidnaps Persephone into her bride and takes her to her underground world. Demeter and Persephone are separated and mournful, and finally she is in the underground world with Hades for six months, the terrestrial territory with her mother This story has some meaning to the ancient Greeks, the seasons One of the reasons for the change. Last week I wondered what happened to the bizarre heat wave of February that everyone mentioned. My first theory that this would lead to the Ice Princess and Mikos’ weather machine may not have been so far after all.

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Odds and end

• I’ve always loved soap opera to use veterinarians more, but Anna and Felicia’s Austrian adventures may have been really condensed into telling them what happened when they got home. ..

• Brooklyn and Chase ships so much that it’s amazing that if you’re lucky, their characters will drop to one episode a week. But what we got was great, and Chase sang one of BLQ’s songs, convinced her that she could build her career. As a songwriter, it was incredibly valuable.

• Sonny noticed that his drinking turned him into a stepfather. It was a powerful scene, but I’m still not sure they wouldn’t incorporate it into the full-blown alcoholism storyline just because it meant more stories for Sonny.

• Harmony’s first shock when Nina said she had something in common, and she didn’t seem to immediately notice that it was Wiley and intends to make Willow the daughter of Nina. It seems that it is further solidified. Nurses who recognize harmony as Lorraine Miller seem even worse. Then there is Willow’s mysterious fainting. It may be a pregnancy story, but they seem to set the old “organ transplant required” soap metaphor.

• Alexis was saddened to tell Sean that they weren’t ready to try their relationship again and probably they had already missed a chance. Sean’s entire return to the show feels like so many wasted opportunities.

• I feel sorry for Michael being arrested for hitting a sneaky tabloid reporter because he was provoked by it like a chase.

These are my thoughts and opinions. If you agree or disagree, or have anything else to say, please leave a comment below.

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