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Durbin defends Biden’s decision to deliver fighters to Ukraine

Senator Dick Durbin on Sunday defended the Biden administration’s decision not to facilitate the delivery of MiG-29 fighters from Poland to Ukraine.

“There are other ways to provide surface-to-air missiles and air defenses to keep Russians out of the air attack,” D-Ill said. Durbin told ABC “this week” anchor George Stephanopoulos. There are other ways to do it, in line with the NATO alliance, without risking spreading this to World War III or worse. “

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a virtual speech to Parliament on Wednesday calling on the United States for additional military assistance, further sanctions, and a no-fly zone over Ukraine to prevent Russia’s invasion. Zelensky also requested the United States to support the provision of MiG. -29 fighters from Poland to Ukraine have categorically opposed the request by the Biden administration, claiming it is an offensive move that could lead to World War III.

There is bipartisan support for sending planes, and Democrats, including Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, are in favor.

“We want one-third of the Polish Air Force to be sent to Ukraine,” added Durbin, the Senate majority whip.

President Vladimir Putin has shown no signs of retreat, but Durbin has shown no signs of retreat in Ukraine, saying the United States is firmly on Ukraine’s efforts to stop Russia’s aggression.

“The desperate thing he is doing now is killing innocent citizens and children. For good, he has a name that has been forever polluted in history for this. “Let’s do it,” Durbin said of Putin.

President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday morning, according to White House sources, and Biden revealed the “impacts and consequences” of China’s alliance with Russia.

“What about stricter economic sanctions for now, not only for Russia, but for China,” said Stefanopros. Ready to withdraw support for Putin. “

Durbin told Stefanopros that Xi needs to “determine his position in history and China’s position in the world,” and I think Biden revealed it over the phone, but the United States imposes sanctions on China. I didn’t answer whether it should be done.

“If (China) becomes part of the barbaric action in Putin and Ukraine, he will run the risk of damaging his credibility,” Durbin said.

Stefanopros blames Biden for oil dictators while Biden blames high gas prices for Russia’s invasion when it was able to increase US oil production. Pressured.

“One of the things I’ve seen at home lately is, of course, inflation, and overall gas price increases,” said President Stefanopros. Price increase. However, the next guest, Senator Barasso, took over. “

Senator John Barasso said Tuesday, “Biden wants to look at dictators like Iran and Venezuela, rather than against the climate elitists who decide the Democratic and president’s energy policies. So now he pays Venezuela Putin. “

Asked for a response, Mr. Biden said the Biden administration is working to reduce the impact of Russia’s oil cuts, saying that “other countries are experiencing the same inflation” and tried to stop Putin’s inflation. He said it was “totally wrong” to blame Biden’s efforts.

A confirmation hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, a candidate for Biden’s historic Supreme Court, will begin on Monday and will be presided over by Durbin, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Stefano Pros asked Durbin about the recent Republican attack on Jackson. This included a series of tweets from Senator Josh Hawley, Missouri, falsely suggesting that Jackson is vulnerable to child pornography. “”

Durbin condemned Hurley’s attacks, calling them inaccurate and unfair, and said Jackson was scrutinized more than anyone he could think of.

“There is no truth in what he says, he is part of a fringe within the Republican Party. This was the man who was hitting a murder mob who landed on the Capitol on January 6th last year with his fist. I don’t have the credibility I think. “

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