David Simon’s “We Own This City”-Jamie Hector, Wunmi Mosaku’s Take

In time for 20th David Simon will return to Baltimore with HBO’s miniseries “We Own This City” on the anniversary of “The Wire”, celebrated at the opening of the French television festival series enthusiast currently on Lille.

Co-produced with George Pelecanos and directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, this book focuses on the true events described in Baltimore Sun’s reporter Justin Fenton’s non-fiction book. 2017 blackmail and overtime scams.

Josh Charles stars from Jon Bernthal and Baltimore – shameful Wayne Jenkins and GTTF detective Daniel Haasle – and “Succession” Dagmara Dominchik, McKinley Belcher III, Jamie Hector and Wunmi Mosaku.

Actors Jamie Hector, Wunmi Mosaku, novelist Justin Bieber – we own this city
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Despite high expectations, Hector and Mosak quickly point out the difference between “we own this city” and what has become known as “the greatest television show of all time.”

“First of all, it doesn’t have multiple seasons. It’s a one-time event and it’s valuable in itself,” says series enthusiast Mosaku. When trying to compare them, the actor says, “it puts too much pressure.” Previously seen in “Loki” and “Lovecraft Country”. However, Hector, known for playing drug tycoon Marlo Stanfield in “The Wire,” was looking forward to working with Simon again.

“I know they’re trying to do it right. They’re proven,” he said, starring here as murder investigator Sean Sweeter. 15 years later. It was a pleasure to be able to work with them again. “

With so many scenes in the room and office, Mosak (who played lawyer Nicole Steele and embarked on a disturbing investigation) must resist the urge to make them more dramatic. It was.

“It’s really really difficult. There’s a lot of talk, and at least a lot of questions about my personality. You just want to know the truth. Why did this happen? Why? Sometimes I go too far and Reynardo: “Ask him, just be there,” she says.

Touching on the protests caused by Freddie Gray’s arrest and death in 2015, the series looks at their aftermath. Gray, who was arrested by the Baltimore police for having a switchblade, is Van. He died a week later.

“That’s what makes this [GTTF] There has been a great deal of attention on these issues, protests and calls for change, and these officers were doing this kind of thing right under the federal government, “said Justin Fenton, a French actor. say. ..

“This is an awakening call for how serious the problem is and how serious the solution needs to be,” he adds. What should the police be, what role do they want them to play, and how aggressive they should be to stop the crime. It has not been decided yet. “

Hector explains: “I understand that this has a huge impact on Baltimore. I’ll deal with it by going to school and talking to the community and discussing what’s happening and what I’m trying to see.”

“In that decade of the governor, so many lives have been negatively touched. I think this will be a big blow.”

The team became aware of people personally influenced by the actions of Jenkins and Hersl, including Rapper Young Moose, who confirmed the name of rapper Young Moose on the 2015 track “Tired.”

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Actor Jamie Hector and novelist Justin Bieber – We own this city
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“People were stopped five or six times a year,” says Mosak. [upon hearing what I was working on] They would say: “My brother, my cousin, my friend-they were all targeted.”

Still, the story promises to take on all the complex parties.

“As a reporter who reported this story, I remember sitting in court for Wayne Jenkins’ decision,” Fenton says.

“Everyone stood up there and said,” He is the most prominent father and helps his family and friends. “His colleague said he was always in the office. “It’s important to portray people as they are.”

“Sometimes you look at a person and say,’I never do that.'” But you do that, “Hector adds.

“Showing a great father, a great husband, but a terrifying man, or vice versa, is very important for the world to see. So that you can ask about yourself too:’I like that. Do you act? Do I have it for me ?? “

The 6-episode series will premiere on HBO on April 25, 2022.

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