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Central Israel closes most on Sunday as Kanievsky’s funeral was set up to attract the masses

Police on Saturday said they were expecting hundreds of thousands of people to come to Ravichaim Kanievsky’s burial in Buneibrac on Sunday.

With a large number of people gathering in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, major highways were blocked and heavy traffic congestion was expected throughout central Israel. Police urged non-participants in the general public to avoid the road if possible.

Given the expected congestion, many schools in central Israel have informed students on Sunday that they will be conducting research in remote areas.

The Israel Railways also urged the public to avoid unnecessary trips and warned that “extreme congestion” would be expected all day long.

Approximately 3,000 IDF civil defense forces police officers, health workers, and soldiers are stationed at and near the funeral hall, starting at 11 am at Rabbi’s house in Buneibrac and predominantly the Ponevezi community in the ultra-Orthodox city. It was expected to end with. Grave.

The number of attendees is expected to be equal to or greater than the funeral of former Sephardim chief Rabbi Ovadia Joseph in 2013, with up to 850,000 attendees, the largest funeral in Israeli history.

The event is expected to last about 15 hours, blocking many major roads and highways around the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Traffic congestion was expected all day on highways 2, 5 and 6.

Highway 4 will be partially closed from 7am and the blocked section will be used by police as a bus terminal for people entering and exiting Bunei Black.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky on February 26, 2020 in the city of Safed in northern Israel. (David Cohen / Flash90)

Police expect traffic to return to normal only around 8 pm.

Public Security Minister Omer Barref said the funeral was “an event of unprecedented scale.”

Shlomi Sagi, Deputy Superintendent of Tel Aviv Police, told Channel 12:

According to Walla’s news site, police officials were concerned that the incident could turn out to be extremely dangerous.

The funeral will also take place less than a year after the disaster on Mount Meron, which killed 45 people in a hurry during the Lag BaOmer Festival, the worst civilian disaster in Israel’s history.

Israeli police commissioner Kobi Shabutai (unmasked) will conduct a preparatory evaluation on March 19, 2022, prior to the mass funeral of Rabbi Chime Kanievsky. (Israel police)

During Saturday’s situation assessment, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett ordered the central ministries of the country to allow only key workers to get jobs.

Kanievsky, who died Friday afternoon at the age of 94, is a highly influential leader in the Israeli non-Hasidian Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox community, known by hundreds of thousands of followers and his elite Talmud study. It was a descendant of the rabbi dynasty.

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