Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Nicholas Brendon drags Angel Spin-off and David Boreanaz

Nicholas Brendon, who played Zander in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is not a fan of the show’s five-season spin-off starring David Boreanaz as an angel.

Success Buffy the Vampire Slayer The TV series landed it on a spin-off, angelThe five-season run has become a fan favorite in itself. Buffy Opinion is low angel Its fame played by David Boreanaz.

Nicholas Brendon who played Buffy’s friend Xander Harris from the beginning to the last episode BuffyRevealed his unpleasant opinion in an interview with Evan Ross Katz for his new book Slayers are born for all generations: how Buffy bet our hearts.. He was reportedly transcribed by Screen Rant and said, “It was strange that the angel spun off. How did the most boring character in the history of television spin off?”

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In the first three seasons of Buffy, Angel is a love concern of Slayer, a 240-year-old vampire cursed by the soul, making him the only vampire with a conscience. The forbidden romance between Buffy and the Angel should not hurt her, which eventually led him to lose control of himself and leave her town.

In contrast, Brendon’s character, Zander, was one of the few in the series who had never acquired any special powers or skills, but he has always been considered a central part of the team. I did. Brendon’s remarks seem to echo to him and the angel. “Why don’t you break the angel?” He said.

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Brendon also referred to a more recent trend in the vampire story, a very malicious one. Twilight Series and associate angel With the leading actor Boreanaz. “In my opinion, angels are worse than the Twilight Saga. I don’t know if I’m talking about David or Angel at this point.”

Nevertheless Buffy Remaining a cult classic franchise, its creator, Joss Whedon, fired after the 2017 actor. Justice League He blamed him for his abusive starting behavior.Charisma Carpenter who played Cordelia Chase in both Buffy When angel, Also spoke to correlate her own experience working under Whedon.As these accusations came to light, some other members Buffy When angel The cast shows support for Carpenter, including Blendon himself.

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sauce: Slayers are born for all generations: how Buffy bet our heartsVia Screen Rant

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