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Biden’s strategy with Putin has been created for decades

According to 12 interviews with White House officials, MPs and others involved in the effort, Biden deliberately worked with foreign allies, with the president and his aides pairing with Russian leaders. Denied the dynamics of 1 Washington vs. Moscow. I think Putin wants it. Having spoken of war publicly and privately as a battle for freedom and democracy, Biden entrusted other leaders to speak with Putin.

Democratic Party Rep. Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said, “What Putin is trying to do is to surround and surround Kyiv. What Biden is trying to do is to surround Putin all over the world. That’s it. “

Some of the lessons that Biden learned from his involvement as Vice President in Putin’s invasion of Crimea in 2014 are far more than the months of combat in which NATO countries created weak sanctions to drive them away. It was that they needed a faster, more humiliating, and more cohesive response. However, officials said that if Putin invaded Ukraine a year ago, the events could have evolved significantly differently, shortly after President Donald Trump’s four-year harmful relationship and calling for the abolition of NATO. I personally admit that I have sex.

In the 2020 campaign, Biden talked about the conflict he saw coming.

“Putin has one top priority: defeating NATO, weakening the Western Union, and further reducing its ability to compete in the Pacific by resolving something with China,” Biden said at the time. I told CNN’s Gloria Borger. It happens on my watch. “

Biden’s last conversation with Putin was on February 12, more than a week before the invasion began. And for the president and aides who complain that almost everyone else doesn’t get the credit they deserve, he and the executives say much of the sanctions and international response are the result of Washington’s guidance and pressure. Despite being, the duck story that he is the leader of the free world.

As a result, Putin was boxed more than Biden expected, and continued attention to the war abroad and in the United States that surprised White House aides without resuming the 1980s-style Cold War. ..

“Joe Biden,” said a senior government official, “I’ve known Vladimir Putin for decades and know exactly who he’s dealing with.”

Cut off Putin-literally and figuratively

As Biden might say, Putin’s cut-off literally began.

Whenever they spoke, Biden interrupted Putin as the Russian president began complaining that American officials saw it as a whataboutism tactic designed to distract and undermine.

No, Biden would say that’s not what we’re talking about, according to one senior executive who witnessed those conversations. To justify his actions.

“President Putin can’t use many of his common tricks with President Biden, for example, because President Biden sees these tactics coming a mile away and doesn’t take them. He tries to confuse people by going down long historic lines and meandering to policy details. President Biden cites vague parts of the Minsk agreement and speeches made by someone in the late 1990s. So I’m trying to get President Biden out of the news. ” Go back directly to what he came to talk to. “

Biden often talked about his meeting with Putin in the Kremlin, where he was Vice President in 2011, and told Russian leaders, “I’m looking into your eyes and I think you have no soul.” Said. Cutting off the reaction to President George W. Bush’s infamous 2001 comment comes from seeing Putin’s soul in his eyes and feeling that he is “very frank and credible.” A long-standing topic from calling Putin a “bully” in 2006 and calling him a “Kremlin Maniac” in 2019.

A White House aide who was in the Situation Room for a National Security Council meeting in a hurry on February 10 said Biden’s Putin’s sensation was almost certain from the possibility of an assessment of the White House’s invasion.

“He was clearly seeing at the meeting that Putin believed he would do this. He spoke with the experience of someone who knew Putin and had worked with Putin.”

Biden learns from 2014 and the importance of unity

Biden believes that if Putin causes the collapse of the faction as he did in 2014, the current level of unity cannot be maintained. Leadership mainly because he was undertaking Barack Obama.

Biden attacks Republicans for voting against the former president’s first accusations of chasing Trump, launching an attack in the 2016 elections, and taking advantage of Trump’s refraining from military aid to Ukraine. I haven’t done it. Biden’s dirt.

“The crisis in Ukraine reveals what was at stake at the time, which should be accountable,” said Sean Patrick Flaney, chairman of the Democratic campaign division. rice field. Play politics in war. I think it makes sense to be a moral voice about what’s right and what’s wrong-and I’m proud to be part of the party. Ukrainian people. And the other side seems to be struggling with it. “

The message does not come from the president himself.

“Putin wanted to divide us. We were united. It’s important for us to send that signal to the world,” said the White House aide.

Most Republicans pay attention to some, including Trump’s own clear struggle to erase the memory that his first reaction to the aggression called Putin “smart” and “savvy.” There are many differences between the Republicans and Democrats as well, regarding the details of the president’s response, although they have anomalies.

However, the Republicans are not convinced that the other part of Biden’s strategy, the rise in fuel costs, is an attempt to persuade voters, calling it “Putin’s price increase” and “Putin’s petrol tax.”

“These are not Putin’s gas prices. These are President Biden’s gas prices,” said house minority leader Kevin McCarthy last week.

“It’s pretty clear that Vladimir Putin isn’t the cause of this rampant inflation,” Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell added on Tuesday.

White House aides are tracking all Republicans in the House and Senate demanding stricter energy sanctions against Russia-if they complain about higher gas prices on the campaign trail this fall. , Preparing to try to undermine them as hypocrites. Over time, Biden himself has continued to work with Republicans.

This was done last month by personally explaining to all four top leaders of Parliament, astonishing a bipartisan delegation to the Munich Security Conference and calling on them to thank them for their support. During the call, Vice President Kamala Harris held his cell phone over the microphone to allow lawmakers to do so. I can hear Biden talking from behind the desk in the Oval Office.

Putin has been tracking what Biden is doing and saying about him for years. This is due to Russia’s complaining that Biden was a “gray lord” in 2009, secretly coordinating the Obama administration’s harsh response to Putin’s leadership after the then Vice President told Russia. Includes friendly commentators were stalling, or a Kremlin spokesman on Thursday said Biden’s war criminal remarks were “unacceptable and unforgivable.”

Even if Biden says more about Putin, he can only go so far before he stumbles on the escalation he is desperately trying to avoid.

“Seeing the devastation of Ukraine hurt him, and it would be easy to say,’The man is evil, we will chase him, and we will catch him,'” Meeks said. Is that right? Then you are talking about World War III. ”


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