Better Cole Sole Season 6 Video Brings Everything Back to Breaking Bad

AMC is calling for fans to “fast forward to the beginning” at the Breaking Bad Marathon prior to the Better Callsole Season 6 premiere.

New video clips fans breaking bad Previous marathon Better call sole Season 6. Bob Odenkirk first played the dubious lawyer Saul Goodman in AMC’s classic drama series about Kingpin, who turned from a chemistry teacher to a stimulant. breaking bad After finishing the acclaimed run, AMC has begun a spin-off exploring the origin of Goodman aka Jimmy Magill.

breaking bad Of course, even after the broadcast was discontinued, it’s been considered a classic series for the last few years, but Odenkirk turned to Magill / Goodman in the first spin-off. Better call sole It has won the praise of its own critics, and some claim that the offshoot show is better than the original. Better call sole Season 6 will end its run at AMC, promising huge dramatic developments, massive revelations, and perhaps even tragic events.

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But before Better call sole Season 6 arrives at AMC and the cable network has “fans”Fast forward firstBy indulging in breaking bad Marathon The marathon begins at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time. Better call sole Go back directly to the show that created the universe in which it lives. See the clip in the space below.

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This new clip, of course, begins with a glimpse of Saul Goodman himself, but Jimmy Magill’s alter ego, Omaha Cinnabon’s manager, Jean Takovich.What fell with his former client Walter White in Albuquerque during the last episode of breaking bad.. Better call sole During the five seasons of the show, we scattered hints about Jean and set the audience at what could be the tragic end of the character. In fact, there is a popular fan theory that Jean will eventually die in Walter’s hands.White himself: The theory that was credited when series creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould confirmed that Jean’s scene would take place before White himself died. breaking bad Finale.

Now, fans who want to relive the whole Walter White Ark breaking bad You can do so at the next marathon of AMC. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a better way to prepare. Better call sole Rather than re-watching every show that started everything in Season 6, this latest re-watching fan will find even more clues about what the whole thing is like. breaking bad/ /Better call sole The story is finally settled. Better call sole Season 6 itself will arrive at AMC on April 18, 2022.

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