What is the difference between Google TV and Android TV?

Google caused a lot of buzz and confusion when it launched its second smart TV platform, Google TV, in September 2020. It has almost the same features and appearance, so it’s easy to mistake it for Google’s long-standing smart TV operation. Android TV is a system that powers some of the best streaming devices out there, but there are some important differences.

As Google continues to roll out new interfaces on the latest TVs and set-top boxes, we’ll look at the differences between Google TV and Android TV, and the future of both platforms.

First released in June 2014, Android TV was like a game changer for home entertainment technology.

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Android TV is a derivative of Google’s Android mobile operating system that gives you access to the Google Play Store with TV apps and games, while providing useful features such as Google Cast support and voice control with the Google Assistant. .. It was quickly adopted as a smart TV. Middleware such as Sharp and Sony. The release has also triggered a flood of smart TV boxes on the market with preloaded operating systems.

The key to the Android TV experience is a home screen interface aimed at facilitating content discovery by suggesting shows and movies from apps and subscription services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. This feature has been further extended on Google TV.

Google TV first hit the TV screen in 2020 when it was launched with a new version of Google’s streaming dongle. This is a good name for Chromecast with Google TV. This is the de facto smart TV interface for today’s new Google-powered TVs and set-top boxes. Now on sale from a major manufacturer.


Google TV isn’t a brand new operating system, it’s actually a software layer that runs on Android TV.

Similar to how the launcher brings makeovers and new features to Android smartphones, Google TV offers a new user interface with a different look and feel, and Android TV continues to provide the backbone of the experience.

Not only does the new interface have a slightly more sophisticated design, it also focuses more on personalized content by leveraging AI and also provides tabs dedicated to live broadcasts.

Google TV screenshot

Both Android TV and Google TV offer the same wide variety of smart TV apps and games, while also supporting voice commands with the Google Assistant, smart home controls, casting with Chromecast, and media streaming. Both smart TV systems are Google’s Stadia cloud gaming services.

The real difference between the two platforms is how content detection is displayed on the home page.

While Android TV recommendations are based on apps rather than personal preferences, Google TV leverages Google’s machine learning, Google Assistant, and Google’s Knowledge Graph information base to learn viewing habits. This data is used to make customized suggestions on the home screen.Dedicated[ForYou]In the tabs, view related promotions and highlight content that is popular in your area.

Google TV also has a Live TV tab, which shows a preview of active broadcasts from things like Sling TV and YouTube TV. If you’re intrigued, just tap the thumbnail to access the broadcast directly. You don’t have to open multiple apps. You want to find what you want to see.

Another differentiator is profile and parental controls. Unlike Android TV, Google TV supports multiple children’s profiles with one adult Google account and provides personal recommendations for each profile. Android TV content restrictions are handled by system-wide parental settings, but Google TV allows you to create child profiles with your own set of boundaries of content that you can manage through the Google Family Link service.

Almost all new Google-powered devices on the market, such as Sony Bravia and TCL TV, will be preloaded with Google TV from the beginning, but it doesn’t look like old Android TV devices will be upgraded to the new platform.

But for existing Android TV kit owners, it’s not all bad news, as it’s not completely left behind. We have received recent updates for some Android TV devices such as NVIDIA Shield, Xiaomi Mi set-top boxes and Sony TV. An improved user interface that looks very close to Google TV, with a large circular app icon on the left and some of the new features of Google TV ported to it.

Among these additional features are content recommendations and watchlist features grouped by genre.[発見]There are tabs.[ライブラリ]The watchlist under the section tabs appears to be based on Netflix’s My List, where you can add the movies and TV shows you want to check out. At a later date.

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