US warns China about the dangers of Russia’s support at the High Stakes Rome Conference

China’s national media report did not provide details about the meeting on Monday, including the exact timing, what was discussed, and whether the meeting was over.

Experts say that talks with senior US and Chinese officials could have widespread consequences not only for the ongoing war in Ukraine, but also for China’s role in the world and its relations with the West. On the west, Beijing not only supports Russia by not condemning the invasion of Ukraine, but can take further steps to support its strategic partners.
U.S. officials told CNN on Sunday that Moscow had requested Beijing for military aid in Ukraine, including drones. While such aid gives Russia a great boost, it has so far made itself a conflict-neutral actor.

China denies Russia’s request for military equipment and other assistance to support the war in Ukraine, and Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov also asks China for military assistance in Ukraine. I denied the claim that I did.

Pointing out reports that Russia sought military aid from China, Richard N. Haas, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, said such a choice would be a “decisive moment” for China and the 21st century. ..

“Doing so (providing support) means that China will accept substantive sanctions and make itself a paria. Rejecting could at least be a selective cooperation between the United States and the West. Will keep it open, “Haas wrote on Twitter.

Russia has also called on China for financial assistance, according to US officials familiar with the matter. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there was a request for it and military assistance, officials said, who did not provide details of China’s reaction. Beijing responded.

Sullivan told CNN’s State of the Union address on Sunday that the United States is “carefully watching” whether China is providing any assistance to Russia.

“That is our concern, and we have informed Beijing that we do not support or allow any country to compensate for Russia’s loss due to economic sanctions,” Sullivan said.

The potential economic risks associated with supporting Russia are widely expected to secure a historic third phase of government at the Communist Party’s 20th National Conference in Beijing this fall. It is unlikely that Xi Jinping will lose it.

During these important years, the Chinese government is caught up in western sanctions that could hurt the economy when Beijing has already set the lowest official goals for economic growth in 30 years. You will be wary of that.

On Friday, a group of prominent U.S. Chinese experts said Washington left the door to diplomacy with China open, and its long-term interests are best by tying itself to Paria, like Russia. Impress Beijing that it will not be offered. ” Revised by most of the western world.

“By using diplomatic support for Beijing, if Xi supports more openly, the United States could lay the groundwork for more effective pressure on China. [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s brutal aggression, “he wrote a group convened by the Center for the Asian Association on Sino-US Relations and the 21st Century China Center at the University of California, San Diego.

When asked if Russia sought military aid from China, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian called the US’s allegations against China “disinformation” “with ominous intentions.”

“China’s position on the Ukrainian issue is consistent and we have played a constructive role in facilitating peace talks. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, all parties have exercised restraint. It is essential to cool the tensions. It is important. Instead of making the situation worse, we will push for a diplomatic solution. “

Key meeting

The meeting between Yang and Sullivan on Monday is seen by both sides as facilitating the move towards better communication presented by Xi and US President Joe Biden at the summit meeting at the end of last year.

“Continuous efforts to manage competition between the two countries” and “Russia’s war with Ukraine gives regional and global security,” Emily Horn, a spokesperson for the US National Security Council, said in a statement on Sunday. Discuss “impact”.

Zhao, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, did not mention Russia or Ukraine in a statement posted online on Sunday, but both sides “are a common concern with Sino-US relations internationally and. We will exchange views on regional issues. ”

According to Zhao, the “significant issue” of the meeting is to implement the “significant consensus” reached by Xi and Biden at the virtual summit, adding that they have been coordinating the meeting since the end of last year.

Sullivan and Yang, directors of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, last met in Zurich in October for a meeting prior to the Xi-Biden Video Summit.

The summit is widely regarded as a bid to reset the tone of relations between the two world powers, trade, technology, and human rights records in China.

However, about four months later, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine became a crucial international issue, strengthening coordination and solidarity between the United States and its allies, and also spotlighting a divergent approach from China.

China sought to describe itself as a neutral party, often emphasizing that “the legitimate security concerns of all nations should be addressed,” but the series used by the United States and its allies against Russia. The decision not to comply with the sanctions and the amplification of Russia’s false information risks further confronting it with the West.

This story has been updated with additional development.

CNN’s Sam Fossum, Kaitlan Collins, Jim Sciutto, and Kylie Atwood contributed to this report.


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