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The war in Ukraine could exacerbate the Covid-19 pandemic, WHO said.

Cases in the region have declined since the previous week, but due to low vaccination rates in Ukraine and more than 2 million people fleeing the country to the surrounding area, more serious illnesses and deaths occur. There is a serious risk. According to Our World In Data, Ukraine has a Covid-19 vaccination rate of about 34%, while neighboring Moldova has a vaccination rate of about 29%.
A total of 791,021 new cases of Covid-19 and 8,012 new deaths occurred in Ukraine and its surrounding countries between March 3 and 9, according to a WHO status report released on Sunday.

“Unfortunately, the virus will take advantage of the opportunity to continue to spread,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s Covid-19 technical lead, at a press conference Wednesday. We are facing various challenges. There are many movements and refugees associated with this crisis. ”

Also on Wednesday, Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO Health Emergency Program, said that “definitely” Covid-19 will increase in Ukraine. He said the expected increase was lack of testing, vaccination discontinuation, and already low vaccination rates, stressful, war-tired people.

Ryan added that the world should avoid stereotypes about refugees and illnesses.

“This always happens, so be very careful with our rhetoric,” he said. To deal with it, and Ukrainian refugees are not going to change the dial on it. “

According to a report on Sunday, WHO is purchasing a treatment for Covid-19 and recommending a vaccination campaign and increased monitoring of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases.

Former President Barack Obama tests positive for Covid-19

Hungary provides free Covid-19 vaccines to Ukrainian refugees, and WHO also provides lab support, including Covid-19 testing.

The Romanian Ministry of Health has sent a medical team to test and give the Covid-19 vaccine to Ukrainians who have fled the country.

Covid-19 treatment is provided free of charge in Slovakia, and Covid-19 vaccination is also free in Moldova for Ukrainians with illnesses such as health tests and Covid-19 surveillance. ..

In a joint statement by UNICEF and UNFPA, WHO called for an end to attacks on the Ukrainian health system. As of Sunday, 31 attacks on medical facilities have been confirmed, and even more suspicious.

“Humanitarian partners and healthcare professionals can safely maintain and enhance the provision of essential medical services, including immunity to Covid-19 and polio, and the supply of life-saving medicines to civilians and refugees across Ukraine. “Medical services need to be systematically available across borders, such as prompt care and referral processes for children and pregnant women,” according to a WHO statement.


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