The most well-reviewed TV shows in 2022

Another year, the wave of new TV shows has caught up. We are in a rich era, and more streaming services (and therefore more content) are competing for our era than ever before. Track new TV releases in 2022. It’s not an easy task. Determining which of these shows is worth watching can be even more difficult.

To organize the vast ocean of television, we have compiled a list of all the new seasons of television released in 2022. IGN has earned a review score of 8 or higher. From anime hits like Diabolical and The Cuphead Show to live concerts-actions debut like Peacemaker and Yellowjackets. These are the 10 most reviewed TV shows at IGN in 2022 (so far).

This article will be updated throughout the year as it will be given a qualified review score for the new season of television.

The most well-reviewed TV shows in 2022

From our review: Yellowjackets fulfills the promises presented by the pilot by creating a compelling television season that balances the premise of high concept with the quest for characters. The show tracks and reveals the bonds these young women have built from unexpected trauma. The tragedy of the crash and its aftermath expand who these young women are, who they will be, and reveal the horrors of lost hope. There are many things that make Yellowjackets worth seeing. Its incredible female perspective, and mystery, but above all, unlike what you see elsewhere on television, presents us with a pack of fearless, frustrating, and vulnerable characters. ensemble. – Taravenet

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