The focus of DC should be on animated shows, not live-action

DC has produced a number of live-action shows in recent years, but their animated series is where they should focus their time and energy.

DC has a long history of making incredible anime series. Batman: Animation series To Harley Quinn, Each series gives the popular DC character a fresh and unique look. DC has also been in recent years Arrow The live-action show created its own communal universe and achieved some spectacular events, but received a warm welcome from many fans. By focusing on the anime series, DC can make it even better at what it does best. ..

When comparing live-action and animation, it’s important to keep in mind that each medium has its own limitations. The live-action series is limited by what can be achieved through props and CGI. Also, contracts, casts and fan expectations. Animation removes many creative limitations, but you’ll run into the stigma that animation is for kids only. Animation and live-action are equally valid forms of storytelling. Both can convey the same level of strength and depth. However, animation can create adult stories that are as good or not as good as live-action.

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DC has been more successful in animated series than live-action shows. Live-action shows have entered many seasons and appear to be creating spin-offs, but fans continue to raise concerns about the quality and sense of heightening of the show. The antique DC anime series is a product that is always loved and desired. Batman: Animation series Considered one of the best works of Batman Media, fans still want a resurgence Justice League Unlimited A few years after it airs, the show truly captures the spirit of the original material and incorporates absolute freedom of creativity. Harley Quinn Very popular. Harley Quinn Specifically, we set a new standard for DC animation by making DC animation filthy and adult-friendly.

While Marvel is rapidly dominating the live-action TV space in the Disney + series, DC can do the same in the animated space. By opening the market with animated series, DC can set itself apart from all other comic shows. Create a very broad program that appeals to all age groups and tells some really great stories. Young justice This is a good example of how DC can tell the story of a fascinating superhero that can be enjoyed by multiple age groups. Batman: Caped Crusader It also sounds like it might lean towards an adult audience with a darker, more noir tone.

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Peacemaker cast

While doing a show like Peacemaker It is refreshing in the live-action space of DC. This is only one show. The rest of the current show consists of shows that all feel very similar to each other. There are still incredible moments in these shows, but they are starting. To feel the stagnation with the fans. Batman It may also help revive the love of DC live-action, but it’s still a long way off. The love for DC animation has never been shaken, and fans always want to see another animated series.

DC has had a lot of success in the live-action field and is likely to continue, but ignoring the anime space is a big mistake. Their live-action shows have accomplished many big stories, but the animated series could be even bigger. .. DC fans have loved anime series for decades and are always ready to match another series. Animations allow storytellers to create stunning, fascinating and interesting sights. By creating more animated programming, DC can take over the animated superhero scene. Dominate the space.

DC animation projects and live-action peacemakers can be streamed on HBO Max.

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