Summary of “American Idol”: Best Audition for Season 20 Episode 3 [VIDEO]

Encounter with Lionel Richie proved to be a religious experience for men and women of all ages on Sunday American idolPromote him to “Bell-Bottom Jesus” status.

The first thing I cried when I saw Ritchie’s iconic’stache Tristen GressettA teenager in Alabama, a necklace of peace, feather earrings, and a love for James Brown shouted an old soul. So it was natural for a 17-year-old child to say, “What you should never leave, that is, you want to regain your soul.” The natural showman got hot with Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”‘s massive performance, responded well to the camera, and showed off all the tricks in his book. One of his talents. Their efforts to shape the “gimmick to artist” greset were rewarded with his second performance. ..

Additional Ritchie-related tears were shed by an 18-year-old father Cadence Baker, A girl who has music in her name and blood. Her grandfather apparently wrote “I Swear”. This was (surprisingly!) A country song a year before it became an All-4-One hit. Anyway, with her dad backing her up on the guitar, Baker completely remade Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight” and received constant applause from the judges for a sexy, lean rendition. Provided. Luke Bryan sees Baker’s top 10 possibilities. Ritchie has saved all of his admiration for her dad’s pocket guitar work, but it’s hard to know which half of her dad’s or daughter’s duo were more excited to receive that golden ticket. It was difficult.

Then it was Ritchie’s turn to cry, still upset by the loss of his 26-year-old godfather. Don’t Lell Briggs He hit the judges with the powerful performance of Tasha Cobbs’s “If you find a favor in front of you, the Lord”. His emotions were clearly elevated, but it only added more power to his voice. In his voice … but the emotions weren’t completely unanimous. In favor of Ritchie and opposition from Katy Perry, Briggs’ fate rested on Brian’s “completely torn” hand, but all that suspicion disappeared during Briggs’ follow-up. Performance of “Tennessee Whiskey”. Please click here to see.

Read the breakdown of the more successful auditions from the 3rd week.

Abigail Brooks, 21 | This Manhattan barista grew up in Barbra Streisand, a loud and distinct influence during Don McLean’s stunning theatrical performance of “Vincent.” Clasping a broom instead of Mike, Brooks sang from her heart, giving Perry a goose bump and urging him, Brian predicts to win this season’s Disney Nights.

DAKOTA HAYDEN, 17 years old | Hayden’s talent is undeniable, but Luke Combs’ “When It Rained” performance was as exciting as his conversation about Brian’s turkey hunting. His talent, appearance and charm will continue. Hayden has been in the competition for some time and wants to see him move out of the comfort zone. Click here to see.

Emily Face, 18 | The judge clearly did not see the Six Feet Under. Because faith behaved like cosmetology at a family funeral hall. Anyway, when they heard the “sweet” of faith, their mysterious horror quickly disappeared. Confident vocals by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings’ “Good Hearted Woman”. Click here to watch.

Mark Osborne, 26 years old | The best birthday gift ever? Osborne, who had previously given up on his musical career, promised to audition her mother as a gift. This turned out to be a gift to him as well. The Whiskey Years “Stone” represents the voice of a bush-style rock hiding under the mustache of a young Ned Flanders. They love his easy-going look and consider him “the kind of person we are looking for.” American idol.. ” clock:

RYLEIGH MADISON, 16 years old | I’ve never been older than when Madison revealed that he was singing Gabby Barrett’s song. IdolIn its 16th season, Madison shattered the country jam and showed a particularly impressive treble. Other news: hurts, my bones! Click here to watch.

SAM FINELLI, 28 years old | Idol The third week of the audition was closed with a spotlight on Finelli, a passionate singer diagnosed with high-functioning autism. Kacey Musgraves ballad. Click here to see.

What are your thoughts on the third round of idol auditions? Vote for your favorite newcomers below. Drop comments on your full review at night.

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