Season 11, Episode 12, “The Lucky Ones”

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Do you know Benjamin Franklin’s maxim about how people who give up the freedom to buy temporary security are worth it? Interesting thing about people who tend to cite it: you rarely see them scrambling to avoid hunger. Blowing away the wealthy federal directors Lance Hornsby and Pamela Milton to trade infrastructure products with Hilltop makes it very difficult for her to hear from her people. When those people leave —Because she couldn’t trade with pride. Do you want to ignore the wealthy type? No problem. Have you been approached by people you admire and trust that her pride can endanger the entire community?

“The Lucky Ones” walking Dead Thanks to the long-term impact of the decision on the rest of the season, we can manage to narrow down some dramas from some conversations. The Commonwealth is guaranteed protection by transforming itself into a remote location for security, infrastructure, and the expanding federal empire of outposts. Reims tells Aaron that all three locations need to be agreed. Maggie runs Hilltop, and Maggie hates people who think others need to line up under them. Yes, that’s ironic.

At the very least, we can finally get a controversy in favor of the Commonwealth. It sounds much more plausible than the “this place is the worst” introduction I got at the beginning of the season. Selling to Maggie is actually very convincing. Proposing a bright future to your child is the wisest way in the minds of hilltop leaders, and he makes the most of it. You can safely move between all communities as easily as visiting. friend? Riding the river, even to a school where Herschel can attend? Culture, art, safety? He makes it sound terribly good and her people certainly want her to say so.

Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan
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So why doesn’t she do that? The simplest answer is also the simplest image: Maggie turns to one side after helping the federal stormtroopers curb pedestrian attacks on the hilltop. Then she turns to others and sees Milton, Hornsby, and other leaders laughing and walking as if they weren’t just a battle between life and death. That’s a disparity that is too big for her to accept. When she rejects their offer to Milton, she says “everything takes something”. And the cost here is not acceptable to her, even if the alternative costs her hilltop itself.

It also provides at least a little more explanation as to why other people are in peace with the Commonwealth. All Alexandrians consider it a temporary situation.Temporary housing To their house “It works for now,” Rossita tells Eugene, summarizing why many of them are rolling with figurative and literal punches. Community assistance. Even Darryl sees a chance that he doesn’t have to lose sleep every night worrying about Judith and his rest. (Daryl also ignores the giant red flag from his new companion, Mercer. Seriously, Daryl-you’re going to shrug his shoulders, “Remember: they’re always watching increase”?!)

Investigating what the Walking Dead left behind reveals an image of an article titled The True Villain

Photo: Josh Stringer / AMC

Structurally, this episode was perfectly fine and sometimes a bit of a stumbling block, but given how much you’ve jumped back and forth recently, even if it’s hard to remember that everything is happening at the same time, Crossed well between different plots. And while Ezekiel’s plot was the thinnest, it also did not succumb to the character’s own personal rubbing about hitting the top of the surgery list. He informs Carol of his concerns, and then we see him taking medicine and being taken to the operating room. The point of efficiency.

And Eugene, who learned about another subplot, Mercer’s sister Max’s “true” Stephanie, actually nails the beat of some powerful characters. After all, Eugene wasn’t the only one suffering from a fight with fake Stephanie.After Mercer discovers that his sister is illegally communicatingWhile eating with Eugene, he forced her to break contact and informed her that Hornsby was listening.So when someone appears, pretend to be her and pick up EugeneMax needs to watch over this person easily Fool a man who seems to have come to know her at a profound level.

When she expresses it clearly, it’s a moment to see how simple and friendly her sense of betrayal is. Like Josh McDermit, he fills Eugene’s shame with proper pathetic despair, just as he always does his job in a thankful role. Done, helped him believe in lies, you can almost feel the sadness that has been a core part of him for a long time.

And: the ending. I already knew that Lance Hornsby was creep.To be honest, Josh Hamilton’s intentionally shit-eating smile was a fun way only on this side of the camp, and he telegraphed it from the beginning (someone was watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan). ) To show! )— But now it’s open to the public. Pamela MIlton is not malicious, just untouched, and does not know how real people are affected by the cruel class stripes of her society (in other words, she is a kind). Biden DEmokurat. However, Hornsby wants power and he has a blank check in cash with permission from the governor to pursue his plan to take over the remote community.

Drifting observation

  • It’s always enjNoisy Seeing veteran character actors attend the show and do them, Josh Hamilton has nailed the very special type of oily psychic powers Hornsby needs to revive.
  • Lydia telegrams her own desire to get out of there and move wherever Negan is.
  • Enough people are now confessing that they miss them Alexandria’s “freedom” will clearly turn into resistance within the next episode or two episodes, isn’t it? Even a flashforward to Stormtrooper Darryl, who confronts Maggie on the hilltop, I’m still convinced that it’s a feint. Maggie asks why he trusts someone, whether Darryl is federal or not. Darryl: “When am I?”)
  • It’s nice to see the oceanside for just a few minutes and even the governor isn’t immune to the charm of immersing her toes in the ocean.
  • Maggie explains to everyone who is rich why he is unlucky himself. “Luck is a chance. No one knows who has a better chance than you.”
  • Seriously, but Darryl: So Many danger signals from Mercer about the Commonwealth!! “You played your role. I played my role.” Mercer You should give it to him “Join the resistance — how do you ask me!” Business card.


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