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Saudi Arabia executes 81 people in one day

Dubai-Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, executed 81 people convicted on Saturday for crimes ranging from murder to belonging to a militant group.

The number of executions exceeded the victims of the January 1980 mass executions of 63 militants convicted of occupying the Grand Mosque in Mecca in 1979. This is the worst radical attack in history targeting kingdoms and Islamic sanctuaries.

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It wasn’t clear why the kingdom chose Saturday for execution, but world attention continued to focus on Russia’s Ukraine war, with the United States hoping to lower its record high gasoline price as a global energy spike price. is. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly planning a trip to Saudi Arabia for oil prices as well.

The number of death sentences in Saudi Arabia declined during the coronavirus pandemic, but the kingdom was convicted under King Salman and his assertive son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman. I continued.

The state-run Saudi Press Agency announced Saturday’s execution, including those “convicted of various crimes, including the killing of innocent men, women and children.”

The kingdom also said that some of the executed people were members of al-Qaeda, an Islamic State group, and supporters of the Houthi rebels in Yemen. An internationally recognized government in power.

73 Saudis, 7 Yemenis and 1 Syrian were executed.

“The defendant was given the right to counsel and was guaranteed full rights under Saudi law during the judicial process, resulting in the deaths of many civilians and law enforcement officers for committing numerous heinous crimes. “The Saudi press said.

“The Kingdom will continue to take a strict and unwavering stance against terrorism and radical idealism that threaten global stability,” the report added. Saudi Arabia.

Executioners immediately called for international criticism.

Solaya Bowens, Deputy Director of Repleve, a London-based advocacy group, said:

Ali Adubushi, director of the European Saudi Arabian Human Rights Organization, claimed that some of the executed were tortured and faced “secret” trials.

“These executions are the opposite of justice,” he said.

The kingdom’s final mass death penalty took place in January 2016, with 47 people sentenced to death, including a prominent Sheer priest who rallyed the demonstrations.

In 2019, the Kingdom sentenced 37 Saudi citizens, most of whom a minority Shiite, to mass death on suspicion of terrorism-related crimes. Also, as a warning to others, he nailed the amputated body and the head of a convicted extremist to Paul. Post-execution crucifixions, although rare, occur in the kingdom.

Activists, including Ali Al-Ahmed of the U.S.-based Institute for Gulf Affairs and the Arab World Democracy Group, say they believe that more than 30 of those executed on Saturday are Shiites. However, the Saudi Arabian statement did not identify the beliefs of the murdered people.

Sporadic protests over mass executions took place on Saturday night in the island kingdom of Bahrain, which is dominated by the Shiite population but is dominated by the Saudi ally Sunni monarchy.

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