Outlander Summary: Season 6, Episode 2 — “Loyalty”

Another member of the Fraser clan is coming to this week’s world OutlanderHowever, birth is not a happy event that we may wish for.

Sadness is the latest child of Marsari and FergusHenri-Christian is a dwarf, but because his sad, drunken father can’t see past it.

Read the highlights of “Loyalty”.

Jamie Fraser: Indian Agent | As part of his new position as an Indian Agent, Jamie will lead Ian to visit the Cherokee Village. The chief says he wants more guns. The king is unlikely to arm Native Americans and may switch sides in the event of a war. Thank you very much to the Chief Counter for the Cherokee being able to kill very efficiently without a gun. He says Jamie can’t promise anything. , But he will see what he can do.

The chief invites Ian and Jamie to spend the night, so they do. Big Red awoke from her sleep by a surprise visitor-think of her as a diplomatic messenger from her tribe-and he is happy about it. “Ian?” Jamie whispered, surprised by the convenience of the woman, “There is a woman in my bed.” Unable to suppress his laughter, Ian corrects him. For some fun, Jamie effectively tries to stop their service. “Madame, stop,” he says. He liked Jamie’s packaging. “You will be advised to suppress the joy,” Jamie laughed and blushed at Ian.

Problems at hand Returning to Fraser’s Ridge, Claire tells her that she has removed the seams from Tom’s hand and will not correct the contracture of the other leg because the condition is clearly God’s will. .. She understands that he is afraid of pain and tries to alleviate it by explaining Ether to him, but then Malva comes and her father tells her “The devil is a lazy hand. Find a job for “warns. And in this case he’s really right! surely.

The next day, during a test at Marsari’s house, Claire noticed that her insanely pregnant daughter-in-law was on the edge, and in addition to the bruise on the young woman’s body, was Fergus hurting her? Ask if Marsari says she instigated a physical battle and he responded kindly, all at night when Lionel Brown’s men kidnapped Claire and unknowingly knocked Marsari. He says it stems from his guilt about not being around. When she returns to her surgery, she soaks the ether mask and worries Claire that she doesn’t waste time taking some big bubbles to escape her PTSD.

Welcome Home, JAMMF | By the time Jamie returned home, she had recovered. She recovered because James Alexander McCorm Mackenzie Fraser wanted to hide the Haggis and play. And he does; throwing an aspect at Great Scott himself is far from me, but it was fast, isn’t it? Then they engage in a typical pillow story: the revolution, and she sadly says she doesn’t know.

DEAD AGAIN When the mother-in-law of Hiram Cromby, a resident of Ridge, dies, Tom Christie asks Roger to perform a funeral. There everyone gathers at the meetinghouse … and shocked when the dead woman begins to move! Claire is in a hurry, the old woman has an aortic aneurysm and is still alive, but will not last that long. But there is enough fight to get into the fight with her family about her monument she pulled together for her. A sinner appears (I’m not going to lie, I felt self-righteous about knowing what I was — Thank you, Sleepy Hollow!! ), When the corpse is almost softened and begins to fade, I’m not afraid to say that Hiram is a good boy. Then the grandmother goes in the truest sense this time.

HENRI-CHRISTIAN’S FRAUGHT ENTRANCE | And now it’s difficult. Marsari causes labor, but everything is off. The baby is not moving, the contractions are irregular, and Fergus is not found anywhere. There is Fergus there and he is drunk. “Tonight, let’s be together and be the one who thinks Marsari is you,” Roger says firmly.

Returning to the Big House, Marsari learns that Claire is worried, holds back her tears, and asks her mother, Lao Hair, for paper and ink to write a (final) letter. But soon it becomes clear that Fergus is waiting for her … is he stepping on her boobs? He explained that this type of stimulus could help labor, and he learned about it with his siblings. Claire walks cautiously, as Fergus leaves the room in the same way that her wife’s nipples are spoken, she does not hear the horror in Marsari’s voice. “Fergus, I think I’m going to die,” she confesses. , That’s because many of them do, “she (correctly) claims, but” I won’t let you go, “he says.

As things go from there and the sex coming from the surgery gets a little louder, Jamie and Bree suddenly find out why they’re elsewhere. However, Malva there is intrigued by her becoming Claire’s latest medical apprentice. She asks, and when Sassenach answers affirmatively, does Malva think she means “sinner” and “hooooooooors”?

Fergus’s technique works, and Marsari soon gives birth to a baby. But when Claire hands the toddler boy to his father, Fergus appears to have been struck and hands the baby before stumbling on the door. Claire takes her child to Marsari and gently explains her new things. My son is perfectly healthy, but he is also a dwarf. Marsari shines in her eyes with her love towards her baby and says he is beautiful.

IAN says he | Return to Cherokee. Ian is angry that Jamie hasn’t communicated the chief’s weapon request to Britain, and if Jamie doesn’t help Native Americans, he vows to help. The building he calls the “church” is actually a Masonic-style meetinghouse and is welcomed by everyone. If someone breathes something about Claire being a witch, they’re sorry. Angry, Tom goes home. She says she has the same “dark soul” as her mother and uses her little provocation to bite into Malva. She stands up and looks at him pretty devilish because her hands can’t hold the belt. Isn’t it strange that Tom was in the Big House and told Claire, “God brought you for you?” And will he eventually have surgery?

Other Ridge News: Bree and Roger are about to give birth to another baby, and she invented the match — news that can’t evoke a lot of excitement from her family when she announces it. A book when this development met a lot of “me”. Also learn that Ian had a child when he lived with the Mohawk.

Speaking of Ian, Jamie changed his mind to demand a gun from Major McDonald for Cherokee. “What can we do” is correct.

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