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Exclusive: NBC Medical Drama New Amsterdam We are planning to finish the run next season. Now in its fourth season, the series has already been updated for the 2022-23 season as part of a three-year pickup. New AmsterdamThe 5th and final seasons of are composed of 13 episodes, which is the shortest. This brings the total number of programs to 92 episodes.

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New Amsterdam, Creator / Executive Producer David Schulner, Director / Executive Producer Peter Horton and Universal Television, starring Ryan Egggold as Dr. Max Goodwin. By destroying its bureaucracy to provide better care to the patient.

Resakats, President of Script Programming at NBC Universal Television & Streaming, said: , And the incredible dedication, talent, and collaboration of our cast and crew. “

Throughout the first four seasons New Amsterdam It aired on Tuesday at 10 pm at the same time. The medical drama was born out of the first development cycle following NBC’s great success. this is us It contains similar emotional storytelling DNA and landed in the plum era behind the flagship family drama.

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“When I first read the pilot script New AmsterdamErin Underhill, President of Universal Television, said: Over the last four seasons, David, Peter, and our amazing cast have worked on important and thought-provoking stories that touched on the human condition, but made us laugh and infused hope. We are very proud of this series and thank everyone involved.By bringing New Amsterdam In life. Bravo! “

Following the hot start of the 2018-19 season New Amsterdam Has dropped ratings and is currently below the most established NBC drama. This is economically difficult considering the cost. Still, he continues to be a great performer with an average rating of 1.13 for adults aged 18-49, with 7.2 million viewers on Live + 7 and Multi. -Platform display for this season despite air pattern challenges. New Amsterdam Before taking a one-month break for the Winter Olympics, I returned to four episodes in January. The drama then aired one original episode on February 22nd and then went into another dormant until April 19th, securing space for the Allied and Rene Zelwager crime nonfiction-only series. About Pam. The season 4 finale is scheduled for May 24th.

Schulner talked about heritage New Amsterdam It goes beyond economics, reputation and awards.

“As my emotions change from sadness to pride, I would like to share New AmsterdamThe recognition by the World Health Organization is more proud than any award or non-linear 30-day rating curve so far, “he said.


Schulner mentioned a letter he received from WHO Arts and Health Leader Christopher Bailey last year, telling him and his team that “many of us at WHO are grateful for your work and show.” I’m talking.

New Amsterdam Efforts to “fold down public health issues and approaches not often found in hospitals and medical television shows,” such as the environmental damage caused by hospitals, how to make hospitals environmentally sustainable, nutrition, and affordable medical care. Was evaluated. The series’ Covid montage and “Occasionally strange entry into Dr. Max’s community engagement” were also highly acclaimed. Bailey presented Max’s letter to WHO at the show, demanding that racism be included in the next version of the International Classification of Diseases. , It is kept in mind.

“But perhaps the most important aspect of the show, the health aspect at the heart of our mission, is the show’s” human-centered “approach to health,” the letter said.

One of the biggest self-confidence votes ever in the young series, New Amsterdam The show received three season pickups in January 2020, which wasn’t even in the middle of the second season.

Just two months later New Amsterdam At the beginning of the pandemic, I noticed an eerie mix of fiction and reality. Filmed in New York, the first epicenter of the Covid-19 epidemic in the United States, this series has just filmed an episode about the deadly influenza pandemic in New York. Originally titled “Pandemic” in 2019, this episode was later renamed “Our doors are always open.” New Amsterdam The crew became ill in one of the first cases of coronavirus on a television show.

The NBC finally decided to shelve an episode of the influenza pandemic scheduled for April 7, a few weeks after the pandemic, indefinitely. Season 2 will broadcast 18 episodes. Season 3 was delayed in production due to pandemics and needs. Since the actual hospital used by the show was accepting Covid patients, 16 episodes were created to build a new set (Seasons 1 and 4 each consist of 22 episodes).

As the only medical drama shoot in New York New Amsterdam He also took action on the dark first day of the pandemic and delivered PPEs, masks, gloves, gowns and face masks to the New York State Department of Health. At that time, overwhelmed by a rapidly increasing number of new infectious diseases, the city was dangerously short of medicines. ..

In the current fourth season, Max, who left the position of medical director in New Amsterdam and was with Dr. Sharp (Freema Agyeman) in the United Kingdom, will succeed Dr. Veronica Fentes (Michelle), a new bureaucratic director. I’m back to challenge. Forbes), Max has undone the changes he fought to implement.

In addition to Eggold and Agyeman, New AmsterdamMain cast includes Janet Montgomery, Jocko Sims and Tyler Labine. This season, Dr. Elizabeth Wilder, a hearing-impaired doctor played by hearing-impaired actor Sandra Mae Frank, will also appear. New Amsterdam In the previous example, along with the amputee Rachel Handler, he was praised for casting a disabled actor as a medical professional through his practice.

Creator Schulner and director Houghton’s executive producers have co-starred with Michael Slobis, David Foster, Shaun Cassidy, Aaron Ginsberg, and Erica Swaford Green. New Amsterdam Produced and produced by Universal Television, Pico Creek Productions, and Mount Moriah, Dr. Eric Manheimer, a former medical director and memoir author at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. 12 patients: life and death at Bellevue HospitalAffected the series.

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