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“My life is robbed of me”

Reality star Olga Buzova cried on Instagram saying goodbye to 23.3 million followers.Instagram screenshot

  • Some Russian influencers have said goodbye to fans following their Instagram ban.

  • Influencers have asked fans to follow them on other social media platforms such as Telegram and VK.

  • Some have been accused of complaining while people were dying during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Some Russian influencers wept after their country’s decision to ban Instagram from Monday.

Reality star Olga Buzova, with 23.3 million Instagram followers, posted a nearly seven-minute video on Sunday, sobbing the imminent loss of viewers.

“I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t want to lose you,” she said in Russian.

“I don’t know what the future holds, I don’t know,” she continued.

“I just shared my life, my work, and my soul. I didn’t do all this as my job. It’s part of my soul. It’s like most of my heart. It’s felt and my life is robbed. Stay away from me, “Buzova added.

The 36-year-old ended the video by saying, “Go and keep crying.” This clip has been played over 700,000 times at the time of pressing.

According to the tweet According to opposition news channel NextaTV, another unnamed Russian content creator also cried over the weekend, saying it was in the “first stage of sadness” over the ban.

“For me, as an Instagram influencer, do you think this is a source of income?” She said in Russian in a video shared on the channel. I wake up and fall asleep. Fucking for 5 consecutive years. “

Other Russian influencers have begged fans to move to Telegram or VK social media platforms and keep following them there.

“I don’t have Instagram anymore,” Valeria Chekalina wrote in her Instagram biography, along with a crying face emoji. An influencer who is pregnant and has 10.5 million followers added that her upcoming content will be posted on Telegram and VK.

These influencers received messages of support from their followers, but some were accused of complaining during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“God, in Ukraine, people are dead, children are on the subway, there is no place to sleep, they have lost everything, and you are crying because of Instagram,” one commented in response to Buzova’s post. ..

Russia announced on Friday that it would ban Instagram a week after blocking Facebook. This follows the country’s move to declare the platform’s parent company, Meta, as an “extremist organization” under Russian law.

Reuters reported last week that Meta has put a tax exemption on hate speech rules, allowing Facebook and Instagram users to temporarily demand violence against Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

Instagram head Adam Moseri Tweet on friday Russia’s ban would separate 80 million people from each other and “from the rest of the world.”

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