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More Ukraine-Russia Parleys Scheduled to Kill Dozens of Base Attacks

  • Russia and Ukraine hint at progress and discuss further on Monday
  • Russian airstrikes hit a military base near the Polish border
  • Bombardment on Ukrainian cities continues, deaths increase
  • U.S. journalist killed near Kyiv

Ukraine, Lviv, March 14 (Reuters)-Diplomatic efforts to end the war in Ukraine were strengthened on Monday, even after Russia attacked a base near the Polish border, Ukraine-Russia negotiators said The battle, which was to be discussed again after both sides quoted progress, was furious elsewhere.

According to Ukrainian officials, a barrage of Russian missiles struck Ukraine’s Yavoriu International Peacekeeping and Security Center, a base just 15 miles (25 km) from the Polish border, which previously accepted NATO military leaders. 35 people were killed and 134 were more

The Russian Defense Ministry said up to 180 “foreign mercenaries” and numerous foreign weapons were destroyed. Reuters could not independently identify the casualties reported by either side.

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Thousands of people have died since February 24, when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched what he called a special military operation to ward off dangerous nationalists and Nazis from Ukraine.

The United States, which has been watching Russia’s accumulation at the Ukrainian border with increased vigilance for weeks, states that it was a planned, unjust and illegal “war of choice.”

The White House over the phone emphasized their commitment to hold Russia accountable for the invasion by US President Joe Biden and France’s Emmanuel Macron.

According to the State Department, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Ukrainian Secretary of State Dmytro Kuleba also discussed diplomatic efforts to stop Russia’s invasion.

Hope was boosted after Russia and Ukraine gave the brightest ratings after the weekend negotiations.

“Russia has already begun constructive talks, and I think we can literally get some results in a few days,” Ukrainian negotiator Mihairo Podryak said in an online video.

Leonid Slutsky, the Russian representative of the talks, was informed by the RIA news agency that they had made great strides and that the delegation could soon reach an more

Neither side said what they covered. The last three talks in Belarus last Monday focused primarily on humanitarian issues.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said national delegations are speaking daily on videolinks, and the clear purpose of his negotiators was to arrange for him to meet Putin.

“We have to hold up. We have to fight. And we will win,” Zelensky said in a late-night video speech.

Hirsch sanctions

Global financial markets, overwhelmed by growing conflicts and fears of being dragged into NATO, have rebelled against expectations of progress in peace talks, abandoning some of the recent sharp rises in oil prices, while stock prices. Has risen.

Western nations have sought to isolate Putin by imposing strict economic sanctions and supplying Ukraine with weapons.

Increasingly isolated Russia demanded military equipment from China after the invasion, raising concerns at the White House that Beijing might undermine Western efforts to help Ukrainian troops defend their country. Some US officials said.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who will meet China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi in Rome on Monday, said he would “absolutely” face consequences if Moscow helped evade sanctions. Warned Beijing.

“I’ve never heard of that,” said Liu Pengyu, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, when asked about Russia’s request for military aid.

He added that China felt the current situation in Ukraine was “disagreement” and “supported and encouraged all efforts leading to a peaceful resolution of the crisis.”

Still, violence and bloodshed continued.

Air raid sirens sounded before dawn in many Ukrainian cities and regions, including Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Ivano-Frankovsk, and Cherkasy.

In the capital, officials said they were stockpiling two weeks’ worth of food for two million people who had not yet escaped from Russian troops trying to surround the city.

An American journalist was shot dead by Russian troops and another journalist was injured in the town of Irpin, northwest of Kyiv, according to the regional police chief.

The British Ministry of Defense said the Russian Navy had established a distant blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea coast and isolated the country from international maritime trade.

In eastern Ukraine, he added, Russian troops were trying to surround Ukrainian troops advancing from the port of Mariupol in the south and the second city of Kharkov in the north.

The Russian-controlled eastern cities of Donbus and Crimea (which were seized by Russia in 2014) are now connected by roads controlled by pro-Russian troops, Russia’s RIA news agency deputy Russian support government. In Crimea, as quoted by Prime Minister George Muradov.

The report could not be confirmed independently.

The Russian invasion has fled more than 2.5 million people across the Ukrainian border and trapped hundreds of thousands in besieged more

“It’s scary how violent and inhumane it is,” Olga, a refugee from Kyiv, told Reuters after moving to Romania.

According to the United Nations, at least 596 civilians have died since the invasion began, and it is difficult to confirm deaths in places such as Mariupol, so the casualties are probably quite high.

The city council of Mariupol said that 2,187 inhabitants have been killed since the invasion began. Reuters could not identify the victim.

Moscow has denied targeting civilians, blaming Ukraine for its failed attempts to evacuate civilians from the besieged cities, and Ukraine and its western allies have strongly rejected it.

Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine was hit by the most intense bombardment, killing dozens of civilians.

“We connect the wounds and pains of our country and our city. We don’t go anywhere,” said Ariev, a 23-year-old musician.

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Report by Reuters, written by Lincoln Feast, edited by Clarence Fernandez and Raju Gopara Krishnan

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