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Top story: Ukraine sees signs of hope in negotiations

Good morning everyone. I’m Martin Farrer. This morning’s top story.

Diplomatic efforts to end the war in Ukraine have been strengthened by the resumption of negotiations between the Kyiv government and Russia today. Negotiations will take place after raising concerns about a conflict intensifying a deadly Russian missile attack on a Ukrainian military base near the Polish border. The bombing resumed in Kyiv this morning. The Biden administration has again rejected Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky’s call for a no-fly zone for Nato, but his negotiators hope that Russia is “starting constructively.” I believe. Today, the United States and China will meet in fear that Beijing may supply weapons to Putin’s war machinery. Jake Sullivan, a US national security adviser, is a weapon for Russia to intensify its weakened invasion of Ukraine into China.

Zelenskiy asks NATO to impose no-fly zone on Ukraine – video
Zelenskiy asks NATO to impose no-fly zone on Ukraine – video

The human costs of the war were brought back yesterday as Ukraine announced that at least 1,300 soldiers had been killed so far. The horror of conflict is on the streets as Russians navigate towns and villages. Brent Renaud, an American journalist murdered in Ukraine, was apparently paid a donation in a Russian fire. The Kremlin reportedly urged Russian media to use clips from Fox News host Tucker Carlson. At their show because he was critical of the US response to the war.

The United States is facing conflict as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates refuse to pump oil and cut prices to ease pressure on the Western economy. Brent crude is down 3% this morning to $ 109.37. Russia’s default after Western sanctions, the head of the International Monetary Fund, said it was not “impossible” but would not cause a global financial crisis. You can track your day in Ukraine on a live blog and keep up with what you know so far.

Refugee Delays – British families trying to help Ukrainian relatives secure in Britain continue to be bureaucratic, despite the government’s promise to break the bureaucratic formalism associated with family reunification plans. I expressed my dissatisfaction with that. Another refugee issue, according to Belarusian camp people, is the brewing of Belarus pushing asylum seekers from the Middle East to Ukraine. Refugees were trapped in Belarus last year after being promised passage to the EU.

Covid Warning – The minister has been accused of “turning off the headlights at the first sign of dawn” after abolishing the national Covid surveillance program, and scientists say it will cost more in the long run. It says it will be. Countries have led one expert to encourage speculation that Europe may be the beginning of the sixth wave of Covid infections. This is partly caused by a variant of “Stealth” BA.2 Omicron. The Chinese government has shut down in response to the surge in coronavirus infections. Shenzhen is a huge city with a population of 17.5 million. It’s been two years since the coronavirus struck the United States and killed nearly a million people, but given the cost, is the country ready for the next pandemic?

Every dog ​​has that day – “The Power of the Dog,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a rancher in Montana in the 1920s in Jane Campion’s Western, won the Best Film Award and Best Director Award in London’s Baftas. Will Smith won the King Richard’s Best Actor Award and Best Actress Award. Joanna Scanlan for After Love. The Guardian documentary Blackcop won the bafta in the best short film about a former Metropolitan police officer exploring memories of homosexual aversion, racial profiling, and racial harassment. Feathers ruffled with a series of filthy jokes and 85-year-old Shirley Bassey sang Diamonds Are Forever to commemorate the 60-year Bond movie. Here you can check out the frills and fluff on the red carpet.

Shirley Bassey plays in Bufftus. Photo: Bafta’s Guy Levy / Shutterstock

Inflation crisis – The resolution foundation think tank warns that if Russia’s invasion of Ukraine leads to a protracted conflict, the poorest households in the UK could jump as much as 10% in their living expenses by this fall. % In the fall, we warn poor households that they will be disproportionately damaging. Tenants can see significant increases in rent and billing, and research shows that typical costs will increase by £ 1,000 this year.

Bright spot – The UK’s first solar farm, owned by the Health Board and directly linked to the hospital, exceeded expectations by providing all the electricity needed to run the site. Boss, a farm in southwestern Wales provided Morriston Hospital in Swansea with one-fifth of its energy, but enough energy for 50 hours to meet 100% of the hospital’s demand.

Today’s focus podcast

If approved by the US Senate, Ketanji Brown Jackson will be the first black woman to be seated in the State Supreme Court. Melissa Murray, a professor of law at New York University, explains the importance of Jackson’s nomination.

Today’s focus

Fill the vacancy in the US Supreme Court

Lunchtime Reading: “I Never Grow” – Lisa McGee

Lisa McGee
Photo: Linda Nylind / The Guardian

Lisa McGee surprised the world with Sitcom’s Derry Girls, but is now tackling poverty with a series of BBC monopoly called Skint. She tells Zoe Williams about her childhood that inspired her, the breaks she got into her television, and the barriers to sustaining it. There are so many.


Thomas Tuchel said he wouldn’t quit until the end of the season after Chelsea put the uncertainties on one side and defeated Newcastle United thanks to Kai Havertz’s excellent goal. Andriy Yarmolenko defeats West Ham 2-1 against Aston Villa Chelsea have been able to do what they need to do to chase Arsenal at WSL, thanks to a 92-minute goal from the amulet Samker. Eddie Jones believes England can take advantage of the pressure it faces in the Grand Slam. -Chasing France this weekend, his team claimed to have already found a winning formula against Le Bruce. Jones questioned why Ireland didn’t see the yellow card as a result of England’s domination of Scrum in his team’s 32-15 defeat, but believes in a brave defeat – they are 14 Playing 78 minutes with a man could be the creation of the 2023 World Cup campaign.

Emma Raducanu’s time at Indian Wells lost to Croatia’s Petra Martic 6-7 (3), 6-4, 7-5 in the third round of the BNP Paribas Open, and Joe Route continued as England. It ended yesterday. The test captain may have a shortage of choices, but interim head coach Paul Collingwood says a “true unity” has been formed under Yorkshire Mann. Women in England are active in the World Cup, with South Africa chasing 236. To win. You can follow the action here.


Brewdog boss James Watt hired a private detective to get information about those he believes are participating in the Smear Campaign against him. The brewer said investigators were hired to find the cause of the false allegations about Watt, and as a result of those investigations, the lawyer “pursued a private detective charge for fraud and malicious communications. ing”. In the market, Chinese and Hong Kong stocks have fallen sharply beyond Covid’s concerns, while FTSE 100 futures have risen 0.24%. The pound has fallen at $ 1.301 and € 1.193.


Guardian Front Page March 14, 2022
Guardian Front Page, Monday, March 14, 2022

Russia’s missile attacks on Yavoriv and the implicit threat to NATO lead in most papers. “Russia will escalate the war in Ukraine with an attack near the NATO border,” he said. GuardianAnd that FT “Russian strikes at the Western Ukrainian base send a warning signal to NATO,” he said. “War reaches the NATO border.” TimesAnd that Telegraph Go to “The United States warns Putin when he goes to war in the west.” Me “Putin strikes bring war to NATO doors,” he said. mirror There is a picture of a Russian leader and the headline “Western in his sight …”. Sun There is “NATO Border Putin Blitz”. Post “A deadly warning to the west of Putin,” he said. Limited express Go with “Putin’s missile attack brings war to NATO’s borders.” Scottsman“Peasants have warned that the crisis and inflation in Ukraine could lead to food shortages,” he said.

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