Hollywood screenwriters reveal why TV characters don’t have pet cats: “I didn’t notice”

Hollywood screenwriters have revealed a strange reason why most TV characters don’t have cats as pets.

The fascinating insights are courtesy of TikTok user Michael Jamin (@michaeljaminwriter). With over 20 years of experience as a television screenwriter and producer, Jaman has worked on the following shows: King of the Hill, Wilfred When Tacoma FD.

But his knowledge of television cats was born in his time as an executive producer at Sitcom. MarronComedian and podcaster starring Marc Maron.

As Jamin explained in the Viral Clip, Maron is famous for having a few cats, so he and other showrunners wanted to include that detail in the show.

According to Jamin, he and other producers hired a “Hollywood-trained cat” for the scene where Maron is eating salmon alone at his house.

“I just wanted the cat to jump over the table and end the scene. In reality, you can’t keep the cat away from the table when someone is eating salmon.

But when they called the action, the cat froze on the spot. Jamin said he seemed completely surprised by the silence in the scene — and it took about an hour to jump.

“And it’s like a screen time of just 5 seconds,” Jamin added.

Jamin’s point is that even trained cats are amazed by the natural silence of television. After all, an hour of calming and encouraging isn’t worth the short screen time.

Another way, according to Jamin, was to allow the cat to walk freely in the scene, but with multiple takes in the same scene, the cat will always be in a different place, so continuity issues. Will occur.

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“”[If you do that]The cat in the background will fly around like a magical cat, “Jamin said.

At that moment, Jamin said he understood why so many shows didn’t use cats.

“That’s why we don’t work with cats,” he added.

Of course, there are some exceptions to Jamin’s “no cat” rule. Sabrina teenage witchIs arguably one of the most famous TV characters to date, but he was often depicted in dolls.

Pumpkin, cat playing Crookshanks Harry potter The film reportedly performed most of her own stunts.And there’s Reggie the cat who drew Goose in the 2019 movie Captain Marvel.

Still, Tik Tokers understood most of Jamin’s claims. TV dogs seem to be much more common, and many of the most famous TV cats are animated (no attack, Garfield).

“I didn’t notice,” wrote one user.

Another person agreed that it was “very interesting.”

“It probably only works for anime shows,” another person added.

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Post-Hollywood screenwriters first introduced to InTheKnow why TV characters don’t have pet cats.

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