General Hospital: Three spin-offs needed for ABC to rejuvenate during the day

There are ideas for revitalizing the soap lineup.

Back in January, when asked about the possibilities general Hospital Spin-off, ABC bossman Craigue Elwitch, teased that he was “always open to additional iterations and explorations.” The idea alone was exciting enough, but it made us think. Did they do it in a way that ties together some elements of their classic whisk and takes them home?

The idea has been in my head for a while to this day. So support yourself and read about the three possibilities. general Hospital A spin-off that can expand ABC’s daytime in all possible directions.

Five Families: Novax

Moreover: With Joey Novak Ryan’s hopeJoe Novak true It is related.

Credits: ABC Screenshot

Our first idea could be both a spin-off and a reboot. Re-off? Spin boot? The Port Charles gang isn’t just Sony, and the Corinthian family is one of many (five to be exact). So why not have a spin-off following another of the five families: Five Point Gang!

Now we don’t know that general Hospital So far Expressly Five Point Novak Family Ryan’s hope Novak However, if Port Charles had a gang named “Jo Novak” and Manhattan had a gang named “Jo Novak”, I’m sure there is a strong connection there.

However, this spin-off is Godfather From the epic general Hospital And there is a story divided between the past and the present. It can explore how Novak spread from New York to Port Charles and became one of the top families.

And the best part is that it can have a tie and character load from Ryan’s hope, Both past and present. Revive old characters and collide with the Five Point family to establish new connections.

For example, Delia Ryan has lost her business to her former Jonovak, but still has a grudge that she wants to be straight because of her mob ties to her family. It may be a way to attract her daughter. Ava joins the spin-off and draws Nikolas to board. Novak / Ryan / Jerome / Cassadine War, who?

PCPD blue

Tristan Rogers, Michael Easton, Finola Hughes, Josh Swickard, Finn, Anna, Robert, Chase, jpi, gh

Moreover: Defeat those (police regulated) firearms, people, as this spin-off becomes a reality.

Credit: Jill Johnson / JPI

Ask if there are enough crimes to maintain the entire PCPD spin-off in places like Port Charles, but somehow they manage in a town in northern New York where the entire ecosystem of rival gangsters is located. I feel like doing it. Of course, PCPD won’t true You can enter the mafia stuff. We all know they are beyond the law … except for the occasional “bad” gangsters.

The point is that the characters in this show will need crimes to solve beyond the pale ones. They must be crimes committed by unrepentant bad guys. This is a show for Cesar Faisons and Jerry Jacks around the world.Maybe they shouldn’t work on their caliber supervillains all It’s time, but they could be the type of big bad the show can tackle for a long-term arc.

The crimes that PCPD must resolve on a regular basis will be along the lines of murder, domestic violence, and assailants of companies operating Ponzi schemes. Law and order When NCISWill it be a pot of Port Charles-sized crime and punishment?

It will be a darker show general HospitalAnd along the ABC classic sudser line, The edge of the night.. (Maybe ABC can even sneak some legacy characters out of non-functional soap? Do you really ask?)

Spin-offs may be selected for anchor characters. Jordan, Robert, Anna, Chase, Dante-Port Charles are not in short supply of police officers.Police officers to criminal and forensic professionals and of course they will all sleep on each other

But this is Genuine Twist — They could even get rid of the bad guys only once! We know, it’s shocking.

General Hospital: Nurse Shift

Liz and Epiphany see Drew leave the hospital general hospital

Moreover: This is all yours, women.

Credit: Image: ABC

Well, I’ll do a little more workshop on the name, but it seems easy for the final spin-off to come back. general HospitalThe golden time drama that was overlooked, General Hospital: Night Shift.. This could be an opportunity to bring the hospital drama back into the daytime. general Hospital Remains as a hybrid of all ABC daytime dramas.

Liz is a natural anchor here, bringing in new doctors and nurses for all sorts of gossip dramas and plots, so of course you need Epiphany as the main character. She can also revive nightshift characters like Kyle and Leo Julian. Jaguar’s currently growing son Stone. In addition, the original spin-off had a large number of internships, which could now be a document showing a new batch of doctors who want to be doctors.

And dare we hope, maybe Robin can even stop by for a performance from time to time?

And since I’m convinced that both Novaks and PCPD need to make quite a few hospital trips, this spin-off seems to be particularly full of crossovers. The show is not. all Of course it has to be done in the hospital, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned Grey’s Anatomy After 18 seasons, there are always a lot of medical (and sexy) dramas on the market!

What do you think of our spin-off idea? ABC can rejuvenate its daytime lineup by offering a number of shared universe shows that can build the most popular sudser while incorporating elements from other hit shows.Unique idea general Hospital Spin off!

Please let us know below. Then stop by the 2022 cast portrait gallery of the main show and choose the character you want to see in your own spin-off.


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