Do you think the gas price is bad?The flight is next; Ukrainian transfer fee exempt bank: CBC marketplace cheat sheet

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Have you been shocked by the price of your pump?The cost of the next flight can also skyrocket

Recently, I’m doing a double take at a gas station.

However, if you agree on a price above $ 2 per liter, you need to be aware that the cost of your flight will also increase.

Experts say air travelers should expect a sticker shock right away.

The cost of jet fuel is exposed to the same forces that gasoline prices have risen to their highest levels in recent years.

Jet fuel is one of the biggest costs airlines incur, so experts say the surge will affect the price travelers pay to fly.

In the photo in this file, the business jet is being refueled at Las Vegas Airport. (David Becker / Reuters)

She called the TD Bank for claiming her for donating to Ukrainian aid activities.It made a big difference

Ukrainian Canadian Krystyne Rusek asks TD Bank after being charged a $ 50 fee to donate to Ukrainian relief efforts a few days after Russia invaded the country.

Rusek says he went to a local TD branch on March 1 to donate $ 1,600 to a special fund set up by the Ukrainian government.

Her donations and other Canadian donations to support the fund were collected by the BMO branch in downtown Toronto and sent to the Ukrainian Army before being sent to the Central Bank, the National Bank of Ukraine.

After arranging the transaction, the TD Treasurer said he had to pay Rusek a $ 50 wire transfer fee. This is the standard rate for customers sending wire transfers from TD branches in Canada or abroad to non-TD accounts.

“I paid for it, but I wasn’t upset about it, but the next day I started thinking about it and realized it wasn’t right,” Rusekku told CBC Toronto.

Two days after writing an email to TD expressing concern the day after making the donation, she was told to get a refund after CBC News contacted the bank about the situation.

Currently, TD has stated that it will exempt all charges for wire transfers to Ukraine and will refund to banks such as Rusk, who were originally requested to donate. All other major Canadian banks have also stated that they will be exempt from charges.read more

Krystyne Rusek of Toronto donated $ 1,600 to a special fund set up by the Ukrainian government to counter the Russian invasion. Initially, TD Bank charged her, but she later made her refund. (Spencer Gallichan-Lowe / CBC)

After a mix-up in credit reports, these newlyweds say they lost their windows to buy a home

There are no shortages of signs that the housing market has become a bit out of control over the last few years.

Canada’s average home prices are the highest ever, and as future buyers know, the difference between winning and failing a home is often summarized as simple as timing.

Jessica Lochon and her wife, Allison Holmes, learned this in a difficult way after being denied pre-approval of a mortgage because of someone else’s bad credit. A woman with almost the same name as Loshon, who lives in the state of Quebec.

The two Rochons are unrelated and have never met, but it seems that Equifax credit history is mixed in one file, causing financial problems and many headaches for Rochon in Ottawa.

Following Go Public’s inquiry, Equifax fixed the problem, but Rochon and Holmes say it’s too late — they were priced from buying the kind of house they wanted.read more

Jessica Lochon on the right and her wife Alison Holmes were priced to buy a house in Ottawa after Lochon was denied a mortgage due to an error in her Equifax credit report. say. (Sylvain LePage / CBC)

What else is happening?

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Cola and Pepsi join companies out of business in Russia
Calls to boycott companies that do not oppose Russia are increasing.

Maskman dating has been lifted in Canada, which could further divide Canadians
The politicization of messaging could further divide Canadians over masking in the future.

Why Canada is Losing Affordable Rental Housing Faster Than Under Construction
Large investors are buying Canadian rented stock to increase profits.

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