Covid-19 cases in China continue to grow with the worst outbreaks since Wuhan

According to NHC, health officials have reported 2,125 cases in 58 cities in 19 of the 31 mainland states, and more than 1,000 local cases per day in China for four consecutive days. ..

On Saturday, the Commission reported 3,122 local cases-the highest number of daily infections since the outbreak of Wuhan, with new cases surpassing 3,000 for the first time in a day, NHC data showed.

Throughout the pandemic, China has adhered to a strict Zero-Corona policy aimed at eradicating all outbreaks and infection chains using a combination of border control, mass inspection, quarantine procedures, and blockades.

According to the state government, almost half of all outbreaks in northeastern Jilin have been reported since March 1, when the first outbreak was identified in Yanbian, a border city in Jilin, with 4,605 ​​cases reported. It has been.

According to the NHC, most of Sunday’s 1,026 incidents were also reported in Jilin Province. The city of Jilin in Jilin Province has blocked 504 neighborhoods and has begun eight mass tests, the city government said.

Two major Chinese cities, Changchun, the industrial center of the northeast and Shenzhen, the economic center of the south, have been blocked and banned more than 26 million residents from leaving their homes. ..

Shenzhen, which borders Hong Kong, recorded 66 positive cases on Saturday, and health officials said all businesses in the city (except those that are essential or supplying to Hong Kong) from March 14th to March 20th. ) Will stop. Introducing work from operation or home measures.

Public transportation and indoor dining have also been suspended, and all public facilities except grocery stores and pharmacies have been closed, officials said.

According to the release, Shenzhen will conduct a three-round mass PCR test on all residents during the blockade. Residents are advised not to leave the city except when necessary, and those who need to travel must present a negative PCR result within 24 hours. Their departure.

Foxconn, Apple’s leading supplier, has announced that it has suspended operations in Shenzhen to comply with Covid-19 regulations in Shenzhen.

“The local government will notify us of the reopening date of the factory. Due to the diversification of production bases in China, we have adjusted the production line to minimize the potential impact,” Foxconn said.

The restrictions imposed on Shenzhen appear to be less stringent than the restrictions imposed on Changchun, a 9 million city that entered a strict blockade on Friday. ..

In Shanghai, 169 cases were reported on Sunday, and according to the city government, the total number of infections in this latest outbreak has been at least 778 since March 1.

According to the city government, the city will require people in the same neighborhood, workplace, or school to be in close contact with Covid’s case for two days of home quarantine and 12 days of health monitoring “2 + 12”. The policy has started. Its 24.87 million inhabitants keep the city on unless necessary.

Chinese officials have been pressured to control the outbreak and have been reprimanded by higher executives for “poor performance” as the number of cases increases.

China has fired at least 26 government officials in the outbreak city this month, including the mayor of Jilin Province and the director of the City Health Commission, and the deputy mayor and deputy director of the Guangdong province police.

CNN’s Eric Cheung, Wayne Chang, Yong Xiong and Susannah Cullinane contributed to this report.


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