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Well, today begins 48 hours of madness. A 2 night, 4 hour finale where we see the culmination of what happened in Iceland, while having the segments live in front of a studio audience during and outside commercial breaks. Plus, probably get the announcement of our “Bachelorette” at the end of tomorrow night’s episode. Then the reveal of all the possible men of her season on the “Bachelorette” Facebook page will likely come early Wednesday morning as it did last season when Katie’s guys were posted the morning after Matt’s ATFR. There will be alumni in the audience tonight and some of them are already making the buzz on this two night finale, and yes, that’s a lot. Is this hyperbole? It depends on each of you. It’s definitely something we’ve never seen and there are a lot of moving parts. I have it for you here. As the spoiler for Arie’s finale was, “they filmed his breakup with Becca and we see all of that.” This spoiler certainly couldn’t do that 30 minutes of just breaking ice. And that? I guess we’ll see. Now, I’m not sure exactly how they’re going to split this over two nights and what tonight’s episode ends with, I finally have everything from Iceland for you. Maybe it’s all shown tonight and tomorrow night is a 2 hour ATFR with all 3 women taking on Clayton, plus the “Bachelorette” reveal and probably 5 of his men meeting like in past seasons. Or maybe tonight’s episode will bleed into the beginning of tomorrow’s. Either way, here’s what to expect on what happened in Iceland. I haven’t seen the episode myself, but let’s just say I heard vicariously from someone who did, so this is a paraphrase of everything I’ve heard:

-At the final 3 rose ceremony, the “Rose Ceremony from Hell” as they call it. Clayton has already fired Susie, so only Rachel and Gabby remain. Clayton tells them he is in love with them, and was intimate with the two as we saw repeatedly throughout the season in the promo. Both of them walk away crying to make you think they are leaving. They don’t. Clayton practically begs every woman to stay and they do. He ends up giving them both a rose.

– Gabby and Rachel then meet Clayton’s parents.

– After Gabby and Rachel meet his parents, Clayton decides he still wants to talk to Susie. I believe it was when we saw Jesse knocking on a door in the promos. He’s the one who goes to Susie’s room to tell her that Clayton wants to see her.

-They meet again, Clayton apologizes for how bad everything went the last time they saw each other, and he asks her to stay, she accepts.

-Susie then ALSO meets Clayton’s parents.

-After the 3 women meet Clayton’s parents, Clayton decides he is in love with Susie and makes the decision to send the other two home.

-Clayton speaks with Rachel and Gabby separately in their hotel rooms, telling them that he wants Susie and is in love with her.

– I was told that Rachel was more sad because of it, and Gabby was more angry with him. We see a bit of a glimpse of it in the promos. He practically begged each of them to stay at the final 3 rose ceremony, only to then turn around and let them go a few days later because he’s in love with Susie.

– There is a final day of the rose ceremony. Clayton has a ring and Susie arrives in a Final Rose Ceremony dress like a regular Final Rose Ceremony we’ve seen in the past.

-At this last rose ceremony, I had reported two weeks ago that Clayton had proposed and Susie had rejected the proposal. This does not happen. However,…

-Clayton told Susie he was in love with her. Susie tells Clayton in return that she is NOT in love with him, and she leaves.

-Clayton leaves Iceland single.

-As far as what’s happened since that day, with all the interviews Clayton does, it makes it sound like Clayton and Susie have kind of rekindled themselves. I was never led to believe that Clayton is with Susie, and while I think he is single , I really have no idea if he is or not. I guess that is where The “no one knows the ending yet” comes into play. Because he definitely left Iceland single, so I guess it’s just a matter of where any relationship with Susie is now. Lots of things on the table in regards to what could have happened in the past 3 months. Some signs point to them getting back together, and some not. We will see Tuesday night where their relationship stands.

-There’s no way he’ll rekindle anything with Gabby or Rachel. They have nothing to do with anything since they left Iceland. So Clayton is either back with Susie or he’s single. I was told single, but couldn’t get anything confirmed. A real “Yeah, we patched things up after Iceland and we’re dating now” would shock me. But maybe they’re trying to revive something, I guess that’s a possibility. Just a weird way to start a relationship between these two. It would be very similar to Colton & Cassie. We’re going to see Susie tell the guy opposite that she’s not in love with him and leave him single. Any relationship in the future would be that they try to convince us that she really loves him as much as he loves her. Can that happen? I guess. Likely to lead to a long term relationship? Hard to to believe.

-I’m expecting the “Bachelorette” announcement to come Tuesday night, and I guess it will be Gabby. Nothing solid, not confirmed, but after hearing other things this weekend, this is who I’m leaning towards. Also at our “Bachelorette” Announcement, I’m expecting them to release 5 guys from his season like they’ve done in the past, since all the guys from next season arrived in LA this weekend and were quarantined. I only have one guy that I know for sure, and some others I thought I looked to get cut at the last minute because they’re active on IG. But we’ll know who the men are shortly, and once they’re released (even though I’ll be on the plane Wednesday morning when that happens) I’ll post their last names and IGs and whatever else I can find on Twitter and IG throughout the day.

So this is it. The next 48 hours are going to be crazy, that’s for sure. I realized that the final week of the baccalaureate is officially my busiest week of the season. I’m doing myself a disservice by always going to Vegas on the Wednesday of final week every season, but hey, sometimes you have to do things on your own. Tomorrow ends 9 consecutive months of “Bachelor” related programming.

-Katie started streaming in June 2021
-Went straight to BIP in August 2021
-One week off then straight into Michelle’s season in October 2021
-One week off then straight into Clayton January 2021 season

So yes, it’s good to finally be able to breathe a little. Of course, I’ll spoil what I can when the “Bachelorette” season starts shooting this weekend, but as you know, it’s a much slower time, fewer columns, and no “Reader Emails” until until “Bachelorette” starts airing in late May/early June. So while this is my favorite Vegas trip of the year, it also comes at the worst time. Well. We’re all going to get through this.

Enjoy it tonight, prepare your popcorn.

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