Anne Hathaway steals the show in a sophisticated and captivating story of a startup

This early sequence after Adam was hit by a storm from a tragic meeting with the intention of heading to corporate headquarters in the opening minutes of “We Crashed” and then grasping his company at all costs. Much of it echoes throughout the rest of the series. You still don’t fully understand the context behind the newspaper report (although the headline “Adam Neumann Built WeWork — And May Destroy It” is terrible enough), or a complex character interaction that gives you a glimpse of the entire scene. You may not be aware of many of the effects, but rest assured that if this scene succeeds, everything will be revealed. Until then, flashing back over a decade ago, he discovered how Adam first started out as a fighting pitchman in the city of Manhattan (he called himself a “serial entrepreneur”), to crawl babies. He says absurd things that don’t always collapse, such as knee pads and foldable women’s heels.

Here is the first proper introduction to Anne Hathaway’s Rebecca Paltrow. This is definitely a character and performance that will captivate and infuriate viewers (yes, the actual Rebecca is actually Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin). And this continues to play an essential role secretly in her arc. But from their first encounter, she faces Adam’s shallowness and offers him the long-awaited fresh perspective of someone who is willing to be able to call him in need to suppress his ego. Sometimes it’s nonsense. Of course, this doesn’t last as long as we want. Despite Rebecca’s repeated refusals to make progress, Adam made the impulsive choice of putting a waltz in her workplace and exploiting her boss. Her efforts as a yoga instructor were immediate. Win her affection. But the inevitable reality that the very foundation of their relationship is based on money should not be overlooked.

Riding the line between true love for each other and intentional support for each other’s bullish ** t (Rebekah is always a gloomy phrase such as “reveal”, “positive vibration”, “negative energy” Adam and Rebekah have successfully responded to the setbacks and increased success of Adam’s startup ventures. Following the modest advances of the early Green Desk company of him and co-founder Miguel McKelvey (stable and effective Kyle Marvin) and the epiphany of the vast WeWork empires Adam and Rebekah, weddings are finally of all kinds. Track the complexity of yours quickly. Impressively, the entire episode shows Rebeka and a subplot about her growing family problems that result from legal headaches and her rich father Bob (Peter Jacobson) and her potential prison time. Dedicated to exploring her famous cousin, and above all, her own anxiety about measuring even her own “unicorn” husband.

Instead of leaving her to the role of Hempecking’s wife or Lady Macbeth (as I expected), “We Crashed” gives Rebeka a consistent time and space in her rich interior life. Her dream of reaching something meaningful in her life is seemingly affectionate and somewhat touching quality), and there are some upset instances of trivial power grabs in the store. This all succeeds thanks to Hathaway’s expressiveness, pitch perfect intuition, and the incredibly compelling range of charge-leading … and usually her much more glamorous but often. , Co-starring one note.

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