Upload a short season 2 runtime defended by Robbie Amell

upload Season 2 consists of just seven episodes, three less than the opening season.

To deal with this change, Robbie Amell, who plays Nathan Brown, said exclusively. Digital spy Everything about creator Greg Daniels’ approach to the new season.

“Shooting 7 shots took the same amount of time as shooting 10 shots, so it took more time than anything else, just having to limit COVID, test, and group people into different bubbles. “It was,” said the lobby.

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“The other is Greg. He’s so smart, what did he say?” The story should determine the number of episodes, the number of episodes shouldn’t determine the story, “and this season The best story of was 7 episodes. “He explained.

“He’s right. So the finale is great. I think it’s the strongest way to end the season. Anyone who thinks there was a Cliffhanger in Season 1 would be really excited about Season 2. Just in the story. The best version.

“Did you want to shoot more episodes? Of course. I want to do more episodes, but that was the best version. Greg is much smarter than me.”

Andy Allo as nora, Paulo Costanzo as matteo, upload, season 2

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Previously, Daniels himself ( Parks and recreation) During the sophomore season, he said, “I’m going to know more about’Luds’and its community,” and teased that “more new technologies are coming.”

Regarding the relationship between Nathan and Nora (played by Andy Allo), he goes on to say: “I’m going to see Nora and Nathan change the lake view. [There’s] Lots of things are coming – and we’re going to see more New York. “

Season 2 was premiered yesterday (March 11th), so you can resume the plugin.

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