U.S., China help meet Russia amid heightened tensions

Washington (AP) -The United States and China sent top aides to Rome on Monday amid heightened tensions between the two countries over the Russo-Ukraine war and growing concerns that the conflict could be further darkened.

Prior to the meeting, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan frankly to China to avoid helping Russia avoid punishment from global sanctions that have hit the Russian economy. I warned.

US officials have also accused China of spreading disinformation about Russia, which could be an excuse for chemical or biological weapons attacks launched by Vladimir Putin’s army in Ukraine.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine puts China in a delicate position with the two largest trading partners, the United States and the European Union. China needs access to these markets, but has made gestures to support Moscow and has declared a friendly relationship with Russia. “Unlimited.”

In a meeting with China’s senior diplomatic adviser Yang Jiechi, Sullivan will certainly be looking for the limits of what Beijing can do for Moscow.

“I’m not going to sit here openly and wield intimidation,” he told CNN in a round of interviews on Sunday’s news show. If China helps Russia “backfill” the losses from sanctions.

“We do not allow it to move forward, and we do not allow these economic sanctions from any country in the world to have a lifeline to Russia,” he said.

The White House said the talks will focus on the direct impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine on regional and global security.

Officials from the Byden administration say Beijing is spreading false Russian claims that Ukraine operates a laboratory for chemical and biological weapons with US support, and China effectively covers it. States to offer If Russia launches a biological or chemical attack on Ukrainians.

When Russia began to blame other countries for preparing to launch a biological or chemical attack, Sullivan told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “they were trying to do it themselves. It’s good to tell you that you may be there. “

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in ABC’s “This Week” that “I haven’t seen any immediate indication of any imminent chemical or biological attack, but I’ve been watching it very carefully. I have. “

US Impressions of Russia’s False Information and China’s Conspiracy After Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova Claims There Is No Evidence That the United States is Funding Ukraine’s Institute of Chemical and Biological Weapons Criticism has occurred.

Russia’s allegations were repeated by China’s Foreign Ministry biospokesman Zhao Lijian, who claimed to have 26 laboratories and related facilities “absolutely controlled by the US Department of Defense.” The United Nations said it had not received any information to support such accusations. ..

White House spokesman Jen Psaki called the claim “ridiculous.”

“Russia makes these false claims and China seems to support this propaganda, so we all have the possibility that Russia will use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine or they. You need to be careful to use it to create a false flag operation, “Psaki tweeted last week. “It’s a clear pattern.”

Sullivan tells CBS’s “Face the Nation” that Russian rhetoric on chemical and biological weapons “in fact, Russians are doing it and trying to hold responsibility elsewhere. No one should fall into it. “

The international community has long praised Russia for using chemical weapons in its attempts to assassinate Putin’s critics such as Alexei Navalny and former spy Sergei Scripal. Russia is also supporting the Assad government in Syria. 10 years of civil war.

Testifying in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, CIA Director William Burns also pointed out serious concerns that Russia may lay the groundwork for its own chemical or biological attacks.

“This is, as you all know, part of the Russian guide. They are using these weapons against their own people and at least encourage their use in Syria and elsewhere. That’s what we take very seriously. “

China is one of the few countries to avoid criticizing Russians for its invasion of Ukraine, and China’s Xi Jinping said Russia’s Vladimir just weeks before Russia began its invasion on February 24.・ We invited President Putin to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

During Putin’s visit to China last month, the two leaders issued a 5,000-word statement proclaiming endless friendship.

China abstains from UN vote blaming Russia, criticizes economic sanctions against Moscow, expresses support for peace talks and mediates, despite questions about neutrality and poor experience in mediating international conflicts Provided services as a person.

But the question remains as to how far Beijing will alienate the alliance and endanger its economy. Mr Sullivan said he was aware that China and all nations could not “basically bail out Russia … give Russia a workaround for sanctions.” With exemption.

Chinese officials said Washington could not complain about Russia’s actions as the United States pretended to invade Iraq. The United States claimed that there was evidence that Saddam Hussein had a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, but found nothing.

Mr Sullivan said in CNN that the government believed that China knew that Putin was “planning something” before the invasion of Ukraine, but the Chinese government said “President Putin is just as lying. It is very likely that he did not understand its full scope. ” How he lied to Europeans and others. “

Sullivan and Yang finally held a face-to-face meeting in Switzerland, raising concerns about the Biden administration’s military provocation against Taiwan, human rights abuses against ethnic minorities, and efforts by democratization supporters in Hong Kong to squelch.

The meeting set the stage for a three-hour virtual meeting Between Biden and the West in November.

Sullivan will also meet Luigi Matioro, the diplomatic adviser to Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, while in Rome.


The Associated Press writer Hope Yen contributed to this report.


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