TikTok Skit, Dan Bulldozer, and host Zoe Kravitz’s SNL Rocks Biden

So far in 2022 something is missing from Saturday Night Live, and it’s not just that they’re actually missing Pete Davidson (he’s safe from Kanye, don’t worry, he’s Kim I’m working on a different project than the one I date with Kardashian). It’s not performance, as the cast and guest hosts still come to sketch with something they can bring, but for some reason they don’t bring much recently. This trend continued this week.

What is the transaction SNL Cold open last night (03/12/22)?

After skipping President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address last week, the show tried to snub the White House again, especially after learning that Biden was hosting a group of TikTok influencers to help with the message about the war. There were no Ukraine and other issues.

James Austin Johnson continues to make a strong impression as Biden, and even if Kate McKinnon’s Jen Psaki is all red wigs and vibes, at least TikTok’s influencer premise pulls the comedy writer’s room apart. Enough for -A poem about Putin’s mom, who became a stupid viral, by “CW Actress”, also known as AnnaLynne McCord. Andrew Dismukes in a bucket hat said, “Cringe House” “; Chris Redd played Jason Derulo, Aidy Bryant played a 12-year-old right-wing conspiracy fan, reminding Hunter Biden’s connection to Ukraine. Melissa Villagesñor reminded people through the tube. I pretended to be a man who said “chupapi muñañyo”. And Kenan Thompson? He’s just a roofer from Pittsburgh, whose name sounds like Charlie Damerio. But wait. There are more. Bowen Yang sticks a plunger on his left nipple and goes topless, thinking “The idea of ​​asking the people of TikTok how to win the war with Russia may sound like a joke …” The camera is his While zooming in on your nipples, wait until you hear him rant … uh … plunger.

How SNL Guest host Zoë Kravitz Do?

Zoe Kravitz made her hosting debut as she shines like Catwoman Batman The other side of Robert Pattinson. She was shining brightly in almost everything she did at the show. Even a monologue? Well, perhaps Monologue put her aside quite a bit to focus on the actual cast members as Catwoman’s various plays. Costume. Ego Nowadim in an Eartha Kitt costume. Adie as a normal Catwoman. Chris as Katt Williams.

Anyway, what about the rest of the show?

Krawitz jumped into the night sketch, front and center, and put most of the load on the post-monologue sketch as the Maid of Honor at the couple’s wedding reception, played by Kyle Mooney and Cecily Strong. The groom couldn’t have imagined it. Thankfully, a sketch of a memo with jokes piled up in the form of amazing revelations.

Kravitz matched the strength of the “Don’t Destroy” Mambo Trio with a video that repeatedly loses cats received as gifts. It’s a big surprise cameo, but if you give a hint with a riddle, it’s still a surprise.

Kravtiz can also be softened by supporting Kate’s second “Study Buddy” sketch. This is a review of her nasty teenage affair as Josh with Carey Mulligan last season, and with Adie as Josh’s BFF Jason, again provides real-time phone advice. ..

With a sketch that mocked Disney + as Disney-to not advertise Princess and the Frog, Do we find a possible reason for that oversight? Is that because the frog (Chris) told the princess (Kravitz) that the frog doesn’t have a penis? Did he already lose his penis in a bowling alley accident before the Kenan character turned him into a frog in the first place? Andrew also reminds us that the movie has a Cajun firefly named Ray, and people who have never seen the movie don’t like it either.

Kenan got some props to play with the belief that he would play live as if he were on a videotape, and the less exciting part of the family’s pre-planned dying wishes. You need to react when you decide to fast forward. It’s an endless sketch, so you can fast forward to the actual fast forward part of the “old home movie.”

And then there was the “ward crunch”.

Andrew will host the pilot for this game show, with Zoe, Adie, and Aristo Toll Asari playing the contestants looking for words in the search puzzle. The only problem was that the writer went on strike and the show’s sound engineer (Sara Sherman) took on all the duties. .. This leads to many halls, not just Mama Hall. The second, third, and fourth puzzles make it even more difficult for players to play according to the rules when they think it’s safe to stop guessing the “mama hole”. To wonder why Andrew agreed to host this game show.

How relevant was the musical guest Rosalia?

Rosalia is the first Spanish singing artist to be nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist, and thanks to collaborations with J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Travis Scott and others, she breaks through despite the language barrier. I was able to. She finds out why her third studio album “Cool Katz and Kittens Want to Meet Her. The first song of the show contained at least two words in English,” Chicken Teriyaki. “

The second song is “La Fama”.

Sketch to share: “Amazon Go”

Amazon announced last week that it would close more than 50 physical stores, and released news after an online retail giant reported a desire to focus more on Amazon Go, which customers don’t need to check out. The store’s cameras and technology capture everything, so register or pay someone. Not so fast, SNL’s black cast members and Kravitz say in this pre-recorded ad for a chain of stores! I suspect they are shopping.

Who stopped by for Weekend Update?

Wait, every weekly update week, is there a secret theme we should know, or is it just this? Both guests intentionally lost their thought lines in separate existential crises.

Film critic Terry Fink (Alex Moffat) first came with an Oscar pick. This is the third time New Yorkers have used Leonardo DiCaprio to point to screen memes and realize that Fink is similar to the real WABC-TV film critic Sandy Kenyon.

Next, lifestyle influencers Dumble Dozers (big chin-bearded Kyle, fake muscles, fake voices, white V-neck T-shirts) talked about the impact of social media on young people. I don’t know what it has to do with the story he wants to tell about a farmer with three daughters, and he doesn’t seem to.

For some reason, the show’s Twitter account shouted before removing Dan Bilzerian, the actual target of the parody, about 20 minutes later.

What is the sketch that filled the “10 to 1” slot?

At 12:54 am (before daylight savings time) in the east, brunch outings hype Bowen’s character feed to inspire the production of Ohio State University’s marching band “Don’t Stop Billy Bin” by Journey. became. The actual Spotify track for this has the actual typo Bowen’s name checked in the sketch.

Who was the MVP of the episode?

Clearly about the honor of individual sketch MVPs Kenan ThompsonPerformance in home videos is worthy of evaluation. Kate McKinnonA quick change from Cold Open Jen Psaki to Monologue Catwoman But overall, Chris Red From the open Jason Derulo, the monologue Katt Williams, the opening speaker for the wedding reception, part of the pre-recorded Amazon parody, the son had a genetic defect in his father. Here are 6 different sketches. He also participated in the final branch sketch of Bowen’s marching band riff. 7 out of 10 possible sketch slots (updates not included). It’s a busy night for Chris.

next week? The cast will take a break and will be replaced by Kieran Culkin and Ed Sheeran earlier this season.

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