This summer of COVID may be more free than the last

CWhat is it all What you want is Hot Vax Summer 2.0, Hot Vax Summer Redux, but you may feel it. A new stage of the pandemic has begun. Due to restrictions on US jurisdictions that pay the most attention to COVID, the summer of 2022, a large-scale live event that resumes overseas travel and returns to American cities, even if new variants emerge. , Ready to provide a health version. Millions of Americans can’t wait.

Certain Republican-led states, such as Florida, lifted all restrictions in the fall of 2020, but the Northeastern Blue States Governor has developed plans to end the restrictions in early February of this year. California and New York followed, which helped the CDC catch up this month. Currently, over 90% of Americans live in areas that do not require indoor masking. And people like CDC director Rochelle Walensky told Americans, “Put the mask in the drawer. You need it again and hope we don’t.”

Daily cases have dropped dramatically in cities affected by Omicron, such as New York (down 98% from the peak in early January), Los Angeles (down 98%), and Washington DC (down 99%). .. The 2021 hype “Hotbacks Summer” didn’t make it famous … maybe this time you can enjoy “Hotbacks Spring”. “

The spring begins. The Super Bowl was still full this year. Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa are touring again. Half of Americans say their credit card spending habits have returned to pre-pandemic levels. Global air travel will return to 83% of pre-pandemic levels this year and 94% of pre-crisis levels in the United States. Dating app executives are re-discussing the chances of a “summer of love.”When Living with a virus It’s a new phrase for the day.

But we were here before, but when I heard someone say that Omicron could be “the last real massive surge from SARS-CoV-2”, it wasn’t. Causes a flashback to the hot vax summer. Almost a year ago, the state increased their use, increased the number of mass vaccination sites, and began expanding vaccine eligibility based on age and risk factors. When the most vaccine-minded Americans scrambled to find jabs, hype began to grow for the summer without COVID. You may remember the meme (Megan Thee Stallion’s 2019 song “Hot Girl Summer” turned into a reference to the mantra (“vaxxed and waxed”), and Roaring ’20s. Then came May when the CDC determined that a sufficient number of people had been vaccinated. Viral infections were low enough for vaccinated people to remove their masks.

Of course, the Delta variant spoiled the fun shortly after July 4th.But recently Atlantic ocean/ Leger poll, Hot Vax Summer 1.0, may not have been as bad as people remember. Americans seem optimistic about the chances of making this summer even better. This opinion was the strongest of the most cautious people who were vaccinated and boosted, of which 61% favorably remembered the hot summer heat. These people look forward to more frequent indoor dining, parties and socializing. Over 40% plan domestic trips.

Tina Castillo is counted in this cohort. Suffering from pandemic restrictions, the exhausted 31-year-old woman remembers a beach trip with her friends, a stay in a secluded Airbnb, and a night out at a rooftop bar in the summer of 2021. Her job is to send her to Germany in her spring, and her friends are planning a June trip to London to see Elton John perform at Hyde Park. She knows her needs to be more outgoing to make her new friends in her new country and she plans to start with her outdoor lunch before going out to the German nightlife increase.

She also remembers the turmoil of December 2021. When government officials are talking about the possibility of a new coronavirus surge and news reports are throwing words of a new variant, she shortened the hope of summer whether the virus spoils her vacation trip I was wondering if Castillo was planning to celebrate the New Year abroad. She hasn’t traveled abroad since the pandemic began, and she put together an itinerary with the hope that the pandemic would end by Independence Day. She gets a COVID.

She considered the risks, discussed staying at home, and decided to go on a trip anyway. She worked in a medical facility and examined patients frequently, so she was inspecting herself on a regular basis. In addition, some tests are not inconvenient. .. She took one before entering Costa Rica and another before returning to the suburbs of DC. Everything is fine and she remains COVID free.

Andrew, a 24-year-old from Brooklyn, said he quit his job as a production assistant this summer and is traveling. A group of friends from France, Spain, Portugal, England and high school (he asked me to use his name just because he didn’t know he was going to leave the company). It has been delayed to do post-college in a world without COVID. We are all excited to graduate from college, quit our first job, pack up our luggage and leave New York City to travel to Europe during the summer. “I will be 25 in August, so Really, this is my shot.“”

Andrew’s central pandemic year was isolated. He graduated from college in a remote location, waited for a table, and was freelance for most of 2020, but his employment market was still chaotic. Life improved in 2021. He was able to travel to England for his sister’s wedding in the summer. He was quarantined before meeting his parents on Christmas and returned to the New Year’s party at the peak of Omicron. This year he doesn’t know what will happen after his trip to Europe. He may save money and move to Los Angeles or choose somewhere in the west. In Europe, he welcomes uncertainty. I need to find a job I need to find some stability. And now I feel like I’m in a place where I’m confident enough to reject that stability. And I’m sure I can find another opportunity, “he said.

The willingness to take risks is the thread that connects conversations with young people who are eager to return to “normal.” They were able to make these moves and recognized the degree of privilege inherent in being healthy and healthy after two years of life. These people have developed individual methods for investigating risks and determining COVID threats within a clear public health message and a gap in government guidance. In the United States, more than 1,500 people die from the virus every day. Many young people are infected with the virus for everyone of their age, but it seems that they bounced off after a few days. The pandemic may not be over. Some have weakened immunity, children under the age of five, the elderly, and unvaccinated, but for the vast majority of individuals at the individual level.

Castillo had just returned from another trip when we spoke, this time returning to a remote resort in Guatemala. Another DC event for Puerto Rican rapper and singer Bad Bunny is scheduled before she moves to Germany. ElÚltimo Tourdel Mundo, “The last tour of the world”. She bought a ticket when her first hot vax summer began. She will be attending during her second takeoff.

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