The new Covid-19 coronavirus wave in Europe may have already begun, data suggest

Regarding the pandemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus, the situation may be reviewed again in Europe, but it is not a good idea. Covid-19 cases reported last week and hospitalizations in countries such as the United Kingdom have increased further. Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy. On Saturday, Eric Topol, MD, founder and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, tweeted that “the next wave of Europe has begun,” along with a graph of Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations.As time passes Data of our world:

Some politicians, television personalities, and people claim that the Covid-19 pandemic is over, which may be nice to hear, but severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-). CoV-2) did not seem to be infected.Memo pandemic is not like a real TV show love at first sight.. You can’t turn it off just because you’re tired of it.

This rise in Europe will be about a month after different European countries and locations have begun to lift Covid-19 precautions such as face mask requirements for indoor public places. The United States has taken similar mitigation measures in February and March. This may have all been premature relaxation. Because what happened shortly after the last two such massive relaxations in Europe and the United States? Here is a hint. The answer sounds with 19 hairy spurs.

Yes, in the United States, about a month after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed its face mask guidance in May, a large old Covid-19 surge began in June 2021. Forbes At that time, the same thing happened again in November 2021 about a month after mass gatherings and travel approached pre-pandemic levels. Forbes.. After this latter surge occurred, some blamed all of its nasty Omicron variants and claimed that their arrival was unexpected. It started in the United States before the Omicron variant was discovered in South Africa. And now, with this surge in Omicron-fueled downtrends, political leaders have begun another mitigation round. What could go wrong? To learn from history destined to repeat it? ”

Please note that reported Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations can be delayed by approximately 2-4 weeks from what is actually happening. Consider the time it takes for a new infection to be finally reported. First, when infected with SARS-CoV-2, the bell does not ring, and Alexa says, “It looks like you’re infected. Would you like to add the Covid-19 test to your order? Rather, after a few days or an average of nearly a week later. Symptoms may not appear. It may take the entire Scaramucci or even more to realize that something is wrong.

Second, there is a delay, assuming that you haven’t put a cotton swab on your nose every hour between the first onset of symptoms and the time you have a test to confirm your Covid-19 diagnosis. How likely are you to report if you are testing at home? What are your consequences for public health authorities?

Even if you are hospitalized, it tends not to happen immediately. It’s not like being attacked by a Goodyear airship. Instead, the condition may worsen over time, remain stable, or weaken before it worsens.

Finally, different cities and states may record staff numbers differently. After all, “sufficient resources and free time” is not usually a phrase associated with the public health sector. Therefore, the United States has not yet reflected the increase in cases and hospitalizations, and it is possible that infections have already increased.

Some Twitter recently posted an anecdote that they saw more cases of Covid-19, including:

Andy Bloch, a professional poker player based in Las Vegas, posted:

When it comes to SARS-CoV-2, what happens in Las Vegas usually goes beyond Las Vegas.

It’s as amazing as a ferret spilling while driving a bike. The situation in Europe and the United States continues to mature for the next surge. As you can see from the white things that came from the sky, the seasons haven’t changed yet. In the northeastern United States today, in addition to many people not taking appropriate precautions, a significant proportion of the population remains unvaccinated. For example, in the United States, 65.2% of the population is fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and only 44.2% is boosted. , According to the CDC number.

On top of all this, throw a lurking “stealth variant” that is a subvariant of the Omicron variant. According to the data, this BA.2 subvariant may be up to 30% more transmissible than the original Omicron variant. This “Stealth Variant” is displayed. According to the CDC, it currently represents about 11.6% of all SARS-CoV-2 samples sequenced.

Of course, the increase in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations does not necessarily guarantee a full-scale surge or wave. In addition, political leaders and public health authorities can avoid spikes if precautions are quickly reinstalled. In addition, Covid-19 vaccination can reduce the effects of such surges.

Still, this rise should warn everyone that premature relaxation can leave a very annoying situation. Pandemics are different from the habit of eating cheese curls in bed. Just declaring it doesn’t stop. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the science of viruses and their spread and control. Recall what Nicolas Cage told Sean Connery in the 1996 movie. The rock About VX Gas: “Mason, if you don’t respect this, it kills you.” Well, a similar statement could apply to a potentially deadly virus like the Covid-19 coronavirus. ..


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