The Mandalorian Season 3 set photos show the possibility of connecting the sequel trilogy

New set photos taken from The Mandalorian Season 3 support the theory of clone plots in the series and connect to the sequel Star Wars trilogy.

New set photo from Mandalorian Season 3 reveals possible connections to the sequel Star Wars Trilogy.Introducing Season 2 of the series and Dinjarin (Pedro Pascal) in the second half Boba Fett’s bookStrongly hinted at a trip to Mandalore Mandalorian Season 3. Is it his call to the duty to lead the Mandalorian thanks to the acquisition of Dark Savior, or “Living water under the Mandalore mine“By breaking his beliefs, Din will find himself joining Bo Catan Kreis (Katie Sackhoff) to regain Mandalores for their kind.

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Mandalore is not the only one involved in Din’s story. Since the first discovery of the clone patch on Dr. Persing’s uniform in “Chapter 1: The Mandalorian,” viewers have been wondering about the intentions of Moffgideon (Giancarlo Esposito) and the fallen empire.Grogu was associated with cloning, which ultimately led to Palpatine’s return. Star Wars: Episode IX-The Rise of SkywalkerThis theory was further supported by the adventures of the Din and Nevalo crew in the Imperial facility of “Chapter 12: Siege”. There, I found a transparent room filled with something like Snook. Mandalorian Being the first live-action media to take place during the event Star Wars Episode 6-Return of the Jedi When Star Wars Episode 7-Force AwakeningIt’s no wonder the series is about to set the rise for the First Order.

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New set of photos to be shared now Make Star Wars Revealed yet another possible connection to the sequel Star Wars Trilogy. The main photo shows three red Mandalorian helmets that are very reminiscent of those worn by the Elite Pretoria Guard. Star Wars: The Last Jedi-Episode VIII-The Last JediProtected Supreme Leader Snoke, which will bring Din’s story closer to the sequel’s story. Star Wars The trilogy connects these two eras in terms of cloning, which the audience has already seen in the series. The other two set photos reveal an empty corridor of the Imperial facility and some kind of docked transport or combat equipment.

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Since Vocatan revealed that Mandalore is occupied, viewers have been wondering who is on Earth. This photo retains its influence on Mandalore despite the fall of the empire, a secret home for the rise of the First Order, but Praetorian Guard may be on board an empire’s ship ambushed by Din. Due to their sex, Mandalores are not necessarily their home.How Din’s story is, despite how these details fluctuate Mandalorian Season 3 could fit in a bigger one Star Wars universe.

On a small scale Mandalorian Season 3 will be a big chapter in Din’s story. Much of his character’s growth and development so far has led to the moment of being teased for the next batch of episodes. By removing his helmet and being expelled from his tribe, Din gives him an incentive to return to Mandalore, and Dark Savior gives him a reputation for putting him in a direct leadership role among the Mandalorians.Whether or not Din chooses to dominate will be clear by the end of Season 3, but this journey will shift from Grogu’s Jedi pursuit to Din’s Mandalorian pursuit, which will continue to grow. am Mandalorian universe.

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